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New Plugin: LearnDash Integration

According to various sources Learning Management Systems market is already worth around $6 billion, yes, you read it right, that’s the one with the b. It’s predicted that in this pace the market will grow to up to $20 billion in about four years. Combine that potential with the community factor that PeepSo offers and you have a powerhouse that cannot fail.

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LearnDash is one of a couple learning management systems / plugins for WordPress. We have been asked about making this happen for a very, VERY long time.

Without further ado, I present to you the newest addition to the PeepSo Family: LearnDash Integration Plugin.

Similarly to our other plugins, this one too offers a seamless experience and integration with Your Community. Starting with where we usually begin those journeys, let’s head to…

User Profiles

User Profile > Courses view.

Right from the beginning there’ll be a courses tab appearing in the profiles where users can see the courses they’re enrolled in. But not only that, when you’re visiting other users profiles of course the context changes and now you can see what courses others have enrolled in. That always sparks at least a bit of interest which in turn to people enrolling in more courses. That’s Social Proof 101.

Of course the layout of the courses in profiles is configurable. Pick between the column layouts, description sizes, cover image sizes etc.

Activity Stream

Each time someone enrolls in a course there’s a beautiful post created on the activity stream. In a way it showcases the courses most popular with people. Other members seeing this can comment, react and in general interact with that post. Giving encouragement, asking questions and perhaps even enrolling in those courses themselves.

Activity Stream Post about course enrollment.

There’s a similar post created on the activity stream when a member completes a course. It does mark in a fantastic way a personal milestone, doesn’t it? Other members congratulating you on completing a particular course. All the support that you get from the community who also want to learn. That’s priceless.

VIP, Groups and Chat Plugins

PeepSo is not just a simple and plain community plugin. It does come with a number of solutions like the VIP icons. Our LearnDash Integration does work out of the box with the VIP plugin. You can automatically assign VIP icons to members who have completed certain courses.

Groups are a great addition to your courses. Why? Because they provide the comfort and focus to the discussions. Let’s say you have a few different courses in your offer. You set 5 groups corresponding to each of those courses. People can be automatically added to those groups when they enroll in a course and just like that you got focus. Not to mention, those groups can be closed or secret too meaning those groups will be available to the people who actually enrolled.

What about the chat? Well apart from the regular way to chat to people in PeepSo there’s also…


The integration also comes with the about the course author widget. The widget not only displays the author’s name, avatar and bio but also gives a call to action button that starts a chat with the course author. Just in case people needed another way to be able to reach out to their instructors. Additionally, there’s a related groups widget that shows which groups are connected to a given course you’re viewing. Both widgets show dynamic data based on the context you’re viewing.

Course view plus about the author widget in bottom right corner.

Need a Real Example?

All of the screenshots are taken from a live site. It’s not a demo or a staging of some sorts but an actual business running both LearnDash and PeepSo. Would you like to check out what the integration looks like in action? You can check Olivia’s courses. She’s even offering a special deal for PeepSo users. The more the merrier.

Check out our Documentation about LearnDash setup.

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@peepso_user_5436(Jaswanth Ch)
Regarding Peepso and Learndash integration,

Is anyone interested in buying Learndash? I am thinking of having a group buy which can save a ton of money for everyone.

These are the current pricing options: https://www.learndash.com/pricing-and-purchase/

Drop a DM if interested.
@peepso_user_17757(Bridget Willard)
That's a great idea! I already use LD and I highly recommend it! The integration with PeepSo is amazing.