Protect Your Community with User Limits Plugin

Building and maintaining a community is a responsibility not only to your brand but to your users themselves. The User Limits plugin allows you to protect your community.

Why do you need to protect your community?

When you start a community trust is the currency. What do I mean? It is somewhat of a hurdle to incentivize people to join yet another network. The network, in your case, is a community. It can’t, however, just be called a community, the behavior has to be a community.

When you’re walking in your neighborhood, you’re more likely to say hello to a passing stranger who smiles and makes eye contact. If they look shady, you may even cross the street. There is a lack of trust.

When members join, they should fill out their whole profile.. This helps instill trust in the existing community. Make them all feel safe and keep your online neighborhood friendly.

Who do you protect your community from?

Oh boy. Trolls. They seem to hide under bridges in the magic forest, appear on Twitter, and will even try to bug your own community. This is why some of the features with the User Limits add-on help.

You can stop users without profile images from commenting or even posting until their profile is filled out by the percentage you choose. Not only does this incentivize the user to complete their profile, but it shows existing members that you care.

How can PeepSo help?

Limiting and restricting access to users based upon the percentage of profile completeness is a great way to discourage trolls. You can also restrict usage to those who haven’t uploaded a profile photo or avatar. That’s even better. If you have other modules like groups and friend requests, community administrators can restrict those activities as well.

The is premium add-on includes a helper widget. It informs members about the limits currently applied to their account. Role-based limits are not public. However, the user is informed about the requirements and/or the need to upload a profile picture.

Give it a try

There is so much you can facilitate trust in your community with this inexpensive add-on. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t download and implement it today. Protect your community, instill trust. Remember, it’s Your community. Your way. But nobody does it alone. Trust is important.

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