peepso ultimate bundle and gecko theme

The Ultimate Bundle & Gecko Theme Pricing Changes

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle has been a great hit. To the point that we’ve decided to permanently cut the price of the bundle options. Per popular demand, our recently released Gecko theme also received one more pricing option. Ho Ho Ho… Merry Xmas.

These Pricing Changes are correspondent to the PeepSo development timeline when this blog post was written. For the latest pricing info, check out our Pricing Page.

What is PeepSo Ultimate Bundle?

Awesome question. The bundle is a collection of all the plugins that we make. Neatly wrapped together in a heavily discounted price compared to purchasing plugin separately.

  • All Plugins Access
         and more…
    With the purchase of PeepSo Ultimate Bundle, you get access to all the plugins that we are currently offering. Please do note that the bundle does NOT include any 3rd party plugins or themes we might offer in our store.
  • All Future Plugins Access
    We are constantly creating new plugins that come with new features for PeepSo. These get added to our store every few months tops. In general, it’s on rather regular basis. With the bundle, you don’t need to purchase more plugins. You get instant access to them as soon as they are released.
  • Single Purchase
    With PeepSo Ultimate Bundle you pay once per year. Just once. When a new plugin is released, you simply go to your account, download it, install on you’re site and you’re done.
  • Single License Key
    One license key to rule them all. There’s no longer any need to keep track of 20+ license keys and double check which one to use on which plugin. All you need to do is enter the single license key for the bundle in the provided field and you’re done.
  • Single Yearly Subscription
    As if single purchase, single license key were not enough, PeepSo Ultimate Bundle also comes with a subscription system. Upon purchasing the bundle you’ll get a subscription that’ll renew automatically each year. One less thing to worry about. Of course, it should go without saying that if you wish to cancel the automatic renewal, you’re completely free to do so. It’s your choice and you’re in control.
  • Technical Support, Upgrades, Updates and Downloads
    Bundles are subject to the same license agreements and policies. You’ll be able to use automatic upgrades and have access to unlimited Technical Support for a number of websites depending on your bundle purchase, 1, 5, 20 or 100. You can rest assured that with the purchase of the bundle we’ve got you covered and will provide full technical support for as long as your license is active. Per request we can add another domain name so you can set up a staging site for testing purposes.

What is the Bundle’s New Pricing?

  • 1 Site License Bundle is still $249. $249 per site (we did the math, it checks out).
    Compared to buying plugins separately you save: $797
  • 5 Sites License Bundle price was reduced by $350 – to $399. $80 per site.
    Compared to buying plugins separately you save: $4,831
  • 20 Sites License Bundle introduced at $599. $30 per site.
    Compared to buying plugins separately you save: $20,321
  • 100 Sites License Bundle introduced at $999. $10 per site.
    Compared to buying plugins separately you save: $103,601

Please note that the previous 3 Sites License Bundle that cost $499 was discontinued & marked as Legacy Bundle. The same happened to the previous 5 Sites License Bundle that cost $749 was discontinued & marked as a Legacy Bundle. If you happen to be on any of the legacy bundles, please do contact us so we can get you migrated to one of the new options.

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle Pricing Options

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What about Gecko Theme?

PeepSo User Profiles on desktop and mobile with Gecko Theme.

Theme was introduced less than a month ago and it’s already grabbing PeepSo users’ hearts. It’s slick and clean design has definitely something to do with it. The only change in pricing is introducing a bigger 100 Sites License option. We got quite a few questions about too. Without further ado, here’s the Gecko theme pricing.

  • 1 Site License is $99. $99 per site (we did the math, it checks out).
  • 5 Sites License is $149. $30 per site.
    Compared to buying Gecko Theme separately you save: $346
  • 20 Sites License is $249. $13 per site.
    Compared to buying Gecko Theme separately you save: $1,731
  • 100 Sites License is $399. $4 per site.
    Compared to buying Gecko Theme separately you save: $9,501

Gecko Theme Pricing Options

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Already got a Bundle or Gecko Theme for 1 site?

No problem. You can go to Your Licenses view. Next to your Ultimate Bundle and Gecko Theme you’ll see the View Upgrades link. Click it and see possible upgrade options. It’s extremely easy to do. You can bump your 1 Site License to 5, 20 or 100 on the fly.

Need Even More?

Wow, ok, just Contact us and we’ll work something out for you.

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