New Release: PeepSo & Gecko

Lots of small – but important – bug fixes and improvements across the board.


You can now define the minimum “size” of a hashtag displayed in the widget. For example, you can decide the widget to never show a hashtag with less than 10 posts. The default value is 0 (show all).

We also fixed the hashtag search issues related to non-Latin languages (specifically, Chinese).


The language used to describe group privacy levels and allowed actions was reworded to better reflect all possible scenarios. For example, the open groups were described as “anyone can join” which was not true if the “join” button was disabled for that group. So, we improved the descriptions to be more generic and not conflict with the edge scenarios related to group specific configuration.

The incomplete “new group post notification” email titles were fixed, and we made sure the “more” button does not show for group descriptions that don’t actually have “more” text.

Blog posts

We fixed a number of bugs related to this area. There was and edge case where post content would not show to guests if the “about” profile field was disabled and PeepSo author box was enabled. We improved how Gecko page options relate to the Blog Page.

Mobile App

We continuously work on compatibility improvements with the mobile wrappers. In this release we fixed infinite scroll issues related to members, groups etc, when using WPMA wrapper with “native interface” selected.

Gecko theme

The Gecko admin panel UI/UX was improved, along with better handling of WordPress blocks and general improvements for the dark theme(s).

A compatibility issue with Widget Options was fixed, where Widget Options would break Gecko CSS for PeepSo widgets.


This release is compatible with WooCommerce 5.9.0. We also fixed an issue where the mobile logo would sometimes be too big on WooCommerce pages.

Multilingual capabilities (work in progress)

The work on TranslatePress compatibility continues, and we are slowly getting ready to ship translatable emails at least in an Early Access / Beta state. However, we are first making sure the deep architectural changes made to accommodate TranslatePress do not introduce any bugs to the general product as a whole (such as the aforementioned “new group post” email titles).

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@peepso_user_10386(Josh Lewis)
Very much appreciated the WP Image page fix with the experimental simple URL setting. I'm a big fan of pretty URLs and images, hence a great release. Other unmentioned goodies:
@peepso_user_10386(Josh Lewis)
@peepso_user_43443(Jasmine) Until the latest release, when using the advanced setting "Enable SEO Friendly links (BETA)" it would create a 404 on WordPress image pages. Now the beta setting doesn't conflict with WP image pages allowing us to have beautiful post galleries and pretty profile URLs.
@peepso_user_10386(Josh Lewis) Thank you! 🙂
November 27, 2021 1:36 AM