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LearnDash Integration

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce & Dokan Integration

Easy Digital Downloads Integration


Advanced Ads Integration


WPAdverts Integration

PMP Integration

Paid Memberships Pro Integration

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LearnDash Integration

Show user’s enrolled courses

With titles, featured images, short descriptions.

Configurable layout

Columns, image size, text length, etc.

Completion Stream Posts

Eye-catching posts when users complete a course for others in Your Community to notice.

See what others learn

View other member profiles to see what courses they enrolled in.

Enrollment Stream Posts

Beautifully displayed posts when users enroll in a course so others can see what courses are getting popular.

Learndash integration on PeepSo profile

VIP Icons

Requires VIP. Automatically Assign VIP icon upon course completion.

Author Widget

The integration comes with a beautiful widget: About the Author.

Related Groups

Requires Groups. Creates groups relating directly to courses.

Automatically add user to Groups

Requires Groups. When users enroll in a course, they get automatically assigned to relevant groups.


Start chat with the instructor from about course author widget.

Configurable URL and label

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Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

Woocommerce integration for PeepSo

WooCommerce & Dokan Integration

It’s a fantastic way to add the social spark to your store or create a store for Your Community. Either way, it’s a win-win. It’s a fantastic way to monetize your site. Is your community revolving around motorbikes? Why not sell them some gear. Gaming? Sell them games. Gardening? Sell them shovels. I mean, the world is your oyster and the sky is the limit. Unless your community is for travellers in which case you can even sell them hot-air balloon trips.

Build brand loyalty, keep your clients closer and create that unique atmosphere that makes them come back to your site, recommend your products to their friends and family.

Already got a community?

Fantastic! Now going back to the original point. Get selling, increase your revenue. With that you can ensure a steady stream of cash to keep Your Community happy.

This plugin also comes with WooCommerce Product Vendors integration which turns your store into a multi-vendor marketplace. You can assign existing products to vendors, or they can add and edit their own.

Purchase Stream Posts

Beautifully displayed posts when users make a purchase.

Cart integration

Cart experience integrated into user profiles.

Product Reviews Stream Posts

User reviews about products get added to activity stream.

Orders management

Full orders management, order history and downloads right in user profiles.

Profiles Navigation

Seamless integration with user profiles for field management.

Easy setup

Works out of the box. Easy and quick to set up.

Product Vendors

Integration with WooCommerce Product Vendors.

Dokan Multi Vendor

Integration with Dokan Multi Vendor plugin.

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Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin which enables you to create your own online store and sell all sorts of digital goods. We can’t recommend it enough. You know it’s true when we actually use it ourselves.

EDD itself comes with a vast array of features. Not only we made sure that the we got EDD itself covered, we also took this opportunity and integrated PeepSo with a number of its addons: Software Licensing, Recurring Payments, All Access Pass, PDF Invoices.

All of that in efforts to make sure your community and online store work together in perfect harmony.

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Purchase Stream Posts

Beautifully displayed posts right in your community when users make a purchase.

Profiles Navigation

Seamless integration with user profiles so they can access their purchases right there.

EDD Recurring Payments

Integration with EDD Recurring Payments so users can manage their subscriptions right in their profiles.

EDD All Access Pass

Integrating EDD’s All Access Pass right in user profiles.

EDD Software Licensing

Users can manage their licenses directly in their profiles.

PDF Invoices

Users can download PDF invoices for purchases right from their profiles.

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Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

Advanced Ads Integration

Advanced Ads Integration

Social Targeted Ads Facebook Style. Monetizing your community is a hard task. It requires a lot of time, dedication and most often than not doesn’t work out the way you want it to. It can be dictated by various factors. All in all, it’s not an easy task.

Ads On PeepSo Activity Stream

You can display all ad types (or ad groups) that come with Advanced Ads or Advanced Ads Pro on PeepSo Activity Stream. However, we also added a PeepSo Ad type so that it blends in with Your Community.

Community Users Ad Targeting

This integration extends Adcanced Ads Visitor Conditions with ad targeting based on your Community Users profile fields. Advanced Ads and Advanced Ads Pro plugins are amazing on their own, but now you can you can offer your advertisers the possibility of real social ads targeting.

What Can You Target

That depends on what plugins you have installed and activated. We’ll only cover this integration’s targeting options but you should definitely check out the entire possibilities of Advanced Ads Pro.

Ad Targeting

Target Ads based on users profile fields.

Target Custom Profile Fields

Target any single select or multi select fields in user profiles.

Integration with VIP plugin

Decide whether to show or hide ads from VIP users.

Display all ad types

Display any Advanced Ads’ ad types on PeepSo Activity Stream.

Seamless Ad Experience

PeepSo Stream Ads blend in with the community posts.

Integration with Groups

Decide whether to show/hide ads to members of specific groups.

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Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

WPAdverts Integration

Monetize your community with paid ads. WPAdverts is a light-weight plugin which allows to build beautiful classifieds site in minutes. Running a classifieds site alone can be challenging. However, adding a classified ads to your existing community, fantastic idea!

Communities revolving around specific topics, but not only, have an amazing potential to be monetized by their admins. If you have a community revolving around gardening and your members are actually proud garden owners, you give them the chance to buy / sell their plants, seeds, tools and whatever else they might need to get or get rid of. You as a Community Admin can charge your members for posting such ads.

The integration plugin has been designed with, amongst others, one main goal: seamless integration of classified ads within PeepSo community. The design of ads and how they are displayed blends in fabulously with users’ profiles, ad posts on stream etc.

This plugin requires at minimum both PeepSo Core and WPAdverts plugins to work.

WP Adverts Integration


Monetize Your Community and earn real money.

Classified Ads Creation

Users can create classified ads right in the community view.

User Profiles

User’s Classified Ads are displayed in their profiles.

WPAdverts Addons

Full integration with all official WPAdverts addons like: Featured Ads etc.

Classified Ads Management

Users can manage their classified ads right in their profiles.

Status Updates

Automatic corresponding Status Update is created when user posts a Classified Ad. Once ad expires the post is removed from main PeepSo Activity Stream.

Seamless Navigation

Navigation is added to User Profiles, PeepSo Toolbar and PeepSo Profile Widget.

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Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

Paid Memberships Pro Integration Configuration

Paid Memberships Pro Integration

Paid community memberships. This plugin integrates the PaidMembershipsPro plugin into PeepSo’s registration and navigation, giving users a seamless registration experience. On registration, members are offered a list of membership plans. The plans are configurable via PMP plugin’s settings. Just as membership pages are.

Once members have chosen their plan, they can complete their registration and confirm their email address. They’re logged in. Admin can also choose to display a link to the PMP membership page as a sub-menu of the profile menu on the PeepSo toolbar.

Set the desired access level on all pages containing PeepSo Shortcodes except for the ‘Activity’, ‘Registration’ and ‘Password Recovery’ pages. You can also hide the activity stream from non-logged in users in PeepSo, keeping your community totally private. The focus of the plugin is on seamless navigation and a smooth registration experience for users. Registration and membership selection is now one easy step.


Seamless registration process where users sign up through PeepSo and can pick their membership level.


Seamless navigation, access to membership options is available via PeepSo Profile Widget as well as toolbar.

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Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

* Screenshots show PeepSo and some of its plugins like: Photos, Videos, Hashtags etc. with PeepSo Theme: Gecko. Screenshots are for presentation purposes and the outcome may vary with other themes, plugins installed and configuration selected.

** Third Party Base Plugins are not a part of any purchase like: PeepSo Ultimate Bundle. PeepSo Integration and Monetization plugins usually require Third Party Base Plugins (Advanced Ads, BadgeOS, LearnDash, myCred, Paid Memberships Pro, WooCommerce, WPAdverts, Easy Digital Downloads). Third Party Base Plugins are either free or need to be purchased at a Third Party website. PeepSo support only covered the integration between PeepSo Inegrations and Monetization plugins and Third Party Base Plugins. We do not test nor officially support any Third Party plugins to said Third Party Base Plugins. The support of Third Party Base Plugins is always provided by their respective developers.

*** Every purchase even of free PeepSo Foundation Plugin automatically creates an account on from which you can be served the purchased products. All purchases and accounts are subject to the Refund Policy, License Agreement, Support Policy and Privacy Policy.