Version: 1.9.9


Filter out any kind of bad language. The WordFilter plugin gives your community peace of mind. Whether your community has a young audience or whether you just don’t want to show any profanity in your community’s posts or comments, the PeepSo – WordFilter plugin keeps your content family-friendly.



  • Define forbidden words or phrases.
  • Choose from four methods of blocking banned phrases.
  • Set the filter to work on posts, comments or both.
  • Automatically filters out unwanted phrases in PeepSo messages and chat.

WordFilter on Posts, Comments and in Chat

Easy To Change, Easy To Roll Back

The plugin masks forbidden words and phrases, but it does not interfere with the original posts. You’ll still be able to show a word or a phrase you’ve previously blocked, or change the rendering of the filter on the front end.

Changing the rendering from ##### to *****, for example, is as simple as changing the setting on the back end. To remove a word from the banned list, simply delete it from the back end settings.

WordFilter backend configuration.