PeepSo – PMP Integration"/>
PMP Integration
Version: 1.9.9

PeepSo – PMP Integration

Paid community memberships. This plugin integrates the PaidMembershipsPro plugin into PeepSo’s registration and navigation, giving users a seamless registration experience. On registration, members are offered a list of membership plans. The plans are configurable via PMP plugin’s settings. Just as membership pages are.

Once members have chosen their plan, they can complete their registration and confirm their email address. They’re logged in. Admin can also choose to display a link to the PMP membership page as a sub-menu of the profile menu on the PeepSo toolbar.

The plugin’s settings can be found in WordPress Admin > PeepSo > Config > PMP tab. By creating membership levels with PMP, admins can also control user access to the community. At WordPress backend > Pages, find the pages that contain PeepSo Shortcodes.

Set the desired access level on all pages containing PeepSo Shortcodes except for the ‘Activity’, ‘Registration’ and ‘Password Recovery’ pages. You can also hide the activity stream from non-logged in users in PeepSo, keeping your community totally private. The focus of the plugin is on seamless navigation and a smooth registration experience for users. Registration and membership selection is now one easy step.

Integration with Groups plugin. You can assign users to automatically be added to specified groups in PeepSo based on what membership level they choose.