myCRED Integration"/>
Version: 1.10.0

myCRED Integration

Users earn points for community engagement. The myCRED plugin awards users points for actions performed on your website. Now the PeepSo – myCRED Integration Plugin adds a bunch of new hooks for PeepSo-related actions. Users will win points for being active in your community. The list of hooks includes the following actions:

  • New PeepSo Post
  • PeepSo Post Deletion
  • New PeepSo Message
  • PeepSo Message Deletion
  • New PeepSo Comment
  • Comment Deletion
  • Add New PeepSo Friend
  • PeepSo Friend Deletion
  • Add New PeepSo Stream Photo
  • deleting PeepSo Stream Photo
  • Add New PeepSo Profile Cover
  • deleting PeepSo Profile Cover
  • Add New PeepSo Profile Avatar
  • deleting PeepSo Profile Avatar

Your users can gain or lose points for any of these actions. Their points can be displayed in their profiles, under the cover.

What those points do? Well… that’s up to you. The myCRED plugin, which is required for this integration to work, has a range of addons that allow users to buy points and spend them on content and other purchases. You can read more about myCRED plugin and its addons here.