PeepSo Basic Bundle

Start Your Community with 5 PeepSo plugins and Gecko Theme

The bundle comes with a single license subscription, if you choose to. It’s automatic. You can cancel automatic renewals at any time too. As long as you have an active license you have full access to file downloads of 5 PeepSo plugins as well as Gecko Theme included in this bundle. This bundle comes with 30 days of technical support counting from the date of purchase.

With $99/year it comes down to less than $9/month.

What’s Included?

30 Days of Technical Support

Technical Support is provided for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Downloads, Upgrades & Updates

Unlimited access to downloads, automatic updates and upgrades as long as you have an active license.

eBook on How to Create Successful Communities

Treat this position as a necessary read for anyone who wishes to create a successful online community.









Audio & Video


User Limits


Email Digest

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce & Dokan Integration


Advanced Ads Integration


BadgeOS Integration


myCRED Integration


WPAdverts Integration

PMP Integration

Paid Memberships Pro Integration

LearnDash Integration

Social Login & Invitations

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

WP Event Manager Integration


Open, Closed and Secret user groups. Groups plugin lets your community to create and participate within more narrowed group discussions. Communities, especially those revolving around a general topic, groups are a very useful tool. They allow your users to focus on a particular thing. This plugin also comes with a possibility of creating announcement groups where only group owners can create new posts.

Create Groups

Let Your Community create groups for focused discussions.


Open, Closed, Secret and Announcement groups can be created.

Group Invitations

Invite users to groups.

Add users to group

Community Admins can add users to groups.

Group Creation
Group View

Group Notifications

Groups come with their own set of notifications regarding posts and user actions like invitations.

Group Categories

Assign groups to specific categories.

Optional Announcement Stream Posts

When a user Post to stream when joining.

Pinned Posts

Pinned posts within groups.

Admin notifications

E-mail notifications to Admins when a new group is created.

Group User Roles

Group Owner, Manager, Moderator and Member roles.

Photos and Albums

With Photos Plugin you can create Photos and Photo Albums in Groups.

Audio & Video

With Videos Plugin you can share videos in groups.

Group Creation

Get Groups plugin in one of our bundles

Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.


Communicate via private messages & real-time chat. Every community needs a convenient way for members to message each other privately. This plugin adds private messaging and also the possibility to create private group messages between many members.

Real-time Chat

Chat works real-time. Always.

Resource Friendly

Chat has been optimized for minimal server usage.

Onsite notifications

Real-time onsite notifications.

Email notifications

Users will be notified by email when there’s a message waiting for them.

Group chat

Chat and Messages work with one-on-one or group conversations.

Chat windows and notifications open.

Get Chat plugin in one of our bundles

Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

User profile with friends list


Friend connections and “friends” privacy level. Creating connections is at the core of every community. Friends plugin lets your members add friends, accept or decline friend requests, and set their post privacy to “Friends Only.” It’s essential! Friendship relationships are what keeps people coming back to the community.

Add Friends & Follow

Let your users make friends as well as following members.

Friends Birthday Widget

Shows upcoming friends birthdays and birthdays on the day.

My Friends Widget

Shows users latest friends. When placed in ‘PeepSo’ widget position it shows friends of that particular user whose profile you’re visiting.

Mutual Friends

When looking at members listing you can see who’s a mutual friend.

Tag Friends

With Tags plugin users can tag their friends in Status Updates.

Friends Only

Introduces Friends Only privacy level for Posts. Users can write posts only friends can see.

Email Notifications

Users get email notifications about pending friend requests.

Onsite Notifications

Users get onsite notifications about pending friend requests.

Make Friends

Automatically create friendships relations between a selected user and your entire community.

New User Friends

Decide whether to create new friendship connection between a selected user and newly registered ones.

Friend requests and members listing with friends action buttons visible

Get Friends plugin in one of our bundles

Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.


Upload photos and create albums in profiles and groups. Photos is a “must-have” plugin that lets members upload images to the Stream, Groups, Messages and Chat. It invigorates communities with pictures that people love to see and share. When clicked, the photos open in a beautiful theatre view window allowing members to comment, react to and show them to their friends.

The plugin also adds a Photos tab to profile pages and to Groups. It comes with 2 widgets: My Photos and Community Photos that admins can place anywhere. Profile Photo Albums, Groups Photo Albums, .GIF support and many more!

Photos in Status Posts

Upload Photos to Posts, Comments, Profiles and Groups.

Community Photos Widget

Shows latest photos of your entire community (photos show respecting their privacy settings).

My Photos Widget

Shows users latest photos. When placed in ‘PeepSo’ widget position it shows photos of that particular user whose profile you’re visiting.

Amazon S3

Photos plugin comes with a built-in Amazon S3 Integration.

PeepSo Photos plugin showing photos in widgets and stream
PeepSo Photos plugin showing a photo in theater mode


Photo shown in theatre view with photo description and comments on the right.

.Gif support

Users can upload moving .gif files to Status Updates and in Comments.

Status Updates

Optional automatic status updates when a user changes avatar or cover images.

Photos in Chat

Users can upload photos in Chat conversations.

Photo Albums

Create Photo Albums in User Profiles and Groups.

Image Quality

Control the image quality of photos and their thumbnails to optimize their file sizes.

Daily Upload Limits

Limit the number of photos user can upload per day.

Maximum Photos Per User

Define maximum number of photos and disk space per user.


There are more configuration and settings options available.

Photo Album creation

Get Photos plugin in one of our bundles

Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

Videos can be uploaded from activity stream and profile page

Audio & Video

Audio & Video uploads directly to your site. You can also link videos from WordPress supported providers like YouTube, Vimeo etc. The videos show in a theatre view for easy and comfortable viewing experience. Videos can also play inline within posts. Audio files come with art work, if available, via built-in integration. Members can comment on, react to and share the videos, generating engagement and interaction. Full support for live streaming via YouTube and other supported providers. Just copy and paste a link to your live stream within PeepSo video sharing feature in postbox and you’re done.

The plugin also puts a Audio & Videos tab on profile pages and within Groups (Groups plugin required) that displays all the videos the members uploaded. It also comes with widgets showing user content and community-wide video content: My Media and and Community Media.

Please note: video uploads feature is very resource consuming and is not supported on shared hosting or VPS environments. You will need a very powerful server and most likely a dev ops / system administrator on staff. Please see the documentation for details.

Upload Videos

Allow Uploading videos directly to your site.

Amazon Integration

Built-in integration with Amazon Transcoder so that the strain of converting videos does not fall on your server.

Audio Uploads

Upload audio files right to your community. Perfect for podcasts, music artists and more.

Supported Providers

Videos plugin supports all major providers like: YouTube, Vimeo and others.

Community Media Widget

Shows latest Videos of your entire community (videos show depending on their privacy setting).

Live Stream Videos

Support for Live Streaming via YT and other supported providers.

My Videos Widget

Shows users latest photos. When placed in ‘PeepSo’ widget position it shows videos of that particular user whose profile you’re visiting.

Share Videos

Share videos to User Profiles and Groups.

Video previews

Generate video previews on mouse hover.

Theatre video view with comments on the right.
Audio & Videos Configuration

Comprehensible configuration

Configuration with checks for server setup compatibility, alongside detailed explanation of necessary requirements.

Audio and / or Video

You can allow video and/or audio files to be shared. integration integration that allows automatically to pull album cover art for audio files.

Get Audio & Video plugin in one of our bundles

Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.

PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

* Screenshots show PeepSo and some of its plugins like: Photos, Videos, Hashtags etc. with PeepSo Theme: Gecko. Screenshots are for presentation purposes and the outcome may vary with other themes, plugins installed and configuration selected.

** Third Party Base Plugins are not a part of any purchase like: PeepSo Ultimate Bundle. PeepSo Integration and Monetization plugins usually require Third Party Base Plugins (Advanced Ads, BadgeOS, LearnDash, myCred, Paid Memberships Pro, WooCommerce, WPAdverts, Easy Digital Downloads). Third Party Base Plugins are either free or need to be purchased at a Third Party website. PeepSo support only covered the integration between PeepSo Inegrations and Monetization plugins and Third Party Base Plugins. We do not test nor officially support any Third Party plugins to said Third Party Base Plugins. The support of Third Party Base Plugins is always provided by their respective developers.

*** Every purchase even of free PeepSo Foundation Plugin automatically creates an account on from which you can be served the purchased products. All purchases and accounts are subject to the Refund Policy, License Agreement, Support Policy and Privacy Policy.


Updates & Downloads

Active License holders have access to Updates and Upgrades for no additional cost. We try to release a new version every few weeks. See our Changelog.

As long as you have an active license you have full access to file downloads of all purchased plugins.

As long as you have an active PeepSo Ultimate license, you get free access to any new plugins we might release later on. This does NOT apply to any other Bundles.

Technical Support

All PeepSo purchases come with Full Technical Support for no additional cost. Support is provided exclusively to active license holders. Subject to our Support Policy.


Each purchase comes with a recurring subscription until cancelled. Subscription is optional, you can opt-out on checkout. You can also cancel your subscription at any time. Even if you cancel the subscription but still have an active license, you have access to all the active license holders’ privileges. (PeepSo Ultimate Bundle 5 years license does not come with a subscription).

Can I Upgrade?

Any PeepSo bundle can be upgraded to a bigger one. Cost of upgrade is prorated. Whether you want to switch to a bigger package or more supported domains, you can do it in your account on or via support ticket

Expired License?

If you don’t renew your license keys, you can continue using the plugins. However, you will no longer get access to Downloads, Technical Support, Updates or Upgrades. If you purchased a monthly plan, plugins will stop working once license expires.


If you’d like to ask us any questions before making a purchase, please do feel free to contact us.