Requires: BadgeOS

Achievement system for community engagement. BadgeOS Integration Plugin lets users earn badges for their community engagement. The badges or achievements, if you will, are displayed in users’s profiles. When a badge is earned a corresponding activity post is created on PeepSo stream as well to congratulate the user on earning a badge.

The Plugin not only displays badges that can be earned by performing activities that are by default available in BadgeOS. It extends BadgeOS’ possibilities and adds PeepSo Community Engagement Actions as well. That means users can earn badges performing activities in your community.

Which actions are available depends on which PeepSo plugins you have installed and activated. Available actions are divided into groups. Each group name is the name of corresponding PeepSo plugin that is required for them to work.


Add achievement badges to users based on their actions throughout Your Community.

PeepSo Core

Assign points and badges for actions like: Admin Approves User Account, Change Profile Avatar, Change Provile Cover, Write a Post, Write a Comment

Award Badges

Award Badges to user profiles, because you feel like it.


Assign points and badges for actions like: Send a Friend Request, Add a New Friend

See User Badges

See users’ badges in their profiles.


Assign points and badges for actions like: Create a Group, Join a Group, Change Group Avatar, Change Group Cover

PeepSo Profile Widget

Decide whether to show user’s badges in PeepSo Profile Widget


Assign points and badges for sending a message.

Profile Cover

Decide whether to show user’s badges on users’ Profile Cover images.