PeepSo – Advanced Ads Integration"/>
Version: 1.9.4

PeepSo – Advanced Ads Integration

Social Targeted Ads Facebook Style. Monetizing your community is a hard task. It requires a lot of time, dedication and most often than not doesn’t work out the way you want it to. It can be dictated by various factors. All in all, it’s not an easy task.

Ads On PeepSo Activity Stream

You can display all ad types (or ad groups) that come with Advanced Ads or Advanced Ads Pro on PeepSo Activity Stream. However, we also added a PeepSo Ad type so that it blends in with Your Community.

The PeepSo Stream Ad type comes with:

  • Avatar – Displays on Activity Stream as a ‘user avatar’
  • Image – Displays on Activity Stream as a ‘user added image’
  • Content – Displays on Activity Stream as a ‘user added post’
  • URL – Where the ad leads.

Community Users Ad Targeting

This integration extends Adcanced Ads Visitor Conditions with ad targeting based on your Community Users profile fields. Advanced Ads and Advanced Ads Pro plugins are amazing on their own, but now you can you can offer your advertisers the possibility of real social ads targeting.

What Can You Target

That depends on what plugins you have installed and activated. We’ll only cover this integration’s targeting options but you should definitely check out the entire possibilities of Advanced Ads Pro.

PeepSo Core Plugin

  • Birthday field – Age
    • Equal to
    • Not equal to
    • More than
    • More than or equal to
    • Less than
    • Less than or equal to
  • Gender – target male or female users
    • Is
    • Is not

Extended Profiles

Ads more field types to user profiles and you can target more.

  • Single select fields – option selected
    • Is
    • Is not
  • Multi select – option selected
    • Is
    • Is not
  • Gender – Extended profiles ads a possibility to add more gender options

Groups Plugin

Target users who are or aren’t members of specified group(s).

  • Is
  • Is not

VIP Plugin

Target users who have specific badges assigned or don’t show ads to them.

  • Is
  • Is not

Global Configuration

The PeepSo – Advanced Ads Integration plugin comes with global configuration which gives the options to decide how often to show ads on PeepSo Stream and whether to mark the ads as ‘sponsored content’ or not. You can also change the phrase to say anything else.

Find documentation on this integration here.

Requirements & Support

For this integration to work you MUST have the following plugins installed and activated:

This Plugin Also Integrates With:

Any questions or issues with the PeepSo – Advanced Ads Integration Plugin should be reported via support tickets through the form. If you open a ticket with PeepSo Support and the question will be directly connected with Advanced Ads or Advanced Ads Pro we’ll kindly refer you to their support / documentation.

Any questions or issues with Advanced Ads or Advanced Ads Pro should be reported to the developer of these awesome plugins you can find documentation and help on how to use Advanced Ads and Advanced Ads Pro here.