PeepSo Core Plugins

These plugins are an essential part for every community. Sharing Photos, Videos, sending messages via Chat, Friend connections, Groups, Extended Profile Fields, Reactions on posts with more than a simple like and Polls to ask for Your Members’ opinions.

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Each icon above is representing a single plugin. Features presented below are color-coded and correspond to their respective plugins.

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Comes with the ability to use hashtags on any PeepSo Posts. Whether they’re made by users on activity stream or in groups regardless of posts privacy settings. They will be counted and added up, but posts will keep their privacy. Using hashtags in no way compromises that. Hashtags will be calculated and added up. Each tag is counted one time per post. If you add the same tag ten times in one post it’ll still count its usage only once.

The plugin also come with a built-in hashtag search. You can search either by clicking a hashtag or by using the search field. Search also indicates to members what are the minimum and maximum character counts for hashtags. Search results will only show posts users are allowed to see, posts privacy is respected fully.

Hashtag Search

Apart from the regular search in PeepSo you can combine the search with searching for hashtags to narrow posts even further.

Tags Cloud Widget

It shows a tag cloud of the most used hashtags in posts throughout the entire community.

Open and closed user groups. GroupSo plugin allows your community to create groups. Communities, especially those revolving around a general topic, groups are a very useful tool. They allow your users to focus on a particular thing. There are open (public) and closed groups available at this time.

People being part of groups also have a tendency to feel more ‘at home’ with the exact focus they’re looking for.

Create Groups

Let Your Community create groups for focused discussions.


Open, Closed, Secret and Announcement groups can be created.

Group Invitations

Invite users to groups.

Add users to group

Community Admins can add users to groups.

Group Notifications

Groups come with their own set of notifications regarding posts and user actions like invitations.

Group Categories

Assign groups to specific categories.

Photos and Albums

With Photos Plugin you can create Photos and Photo Albums in Groups.


With Videos Plugin you can share videos in groups.

Post a question for others to vote. Polls plugin allows you and your community to create polls in posts. The polls can be placed in the main activity stream, in users’ profiles and even in groups.

Users can cast their votes once per poll. The design is sleek and simple, and because it’s fully responsive, it looks great on mobile as well as on desktops. Logged out users see the polls on posts, but can’t vote or see the poll results. They are prompted to login to vote and see results. With the use of User Limits plugin you are able to decide which users can create Polls on your community.

Who can create Polls

Admins can decide whether regular users can create Polls

Multi Select Polls

Let users create polls with a multiple select options.

Single Select Polls

Let users create polls with a single select options.

Polls results

After casting a vote users can see the poll results.

Ask away everywhere

Polls can be attached to User Status Updates and added to Group Status Updates

Say more than a thousand Likes. This plugin extends the regular Likes on stream posts with emotional Reactions such as Love, Laugh, Wink and much more. It features a built-in set of Reactions with a robust admin panel that lets you customize everything.

More than 'like'

Add custom reactions to your community so they can react appropriately to Status Updates

Default reactions

Built-in set of Reactions – immediately ready to use.

Your Own Reactions

Upload your own custom image – .PNG, .SVG or even an animated .GIF

Onsite Notifications

Customize Reaction notification text.

Name Reactions

Create your own custom reaction names.

Email Notifications

Plugin hooks in email notifications and adjusts according to chosen reaction.

Extended Profiles plugin lets admins place additional fields on user profiles to create richer, more meaningful profile pages. Creation of the fields is completely ‘ajaxified’.

Everything is done on the same page without the need to save and refresh. On the front end, the user can also edit their profile fields smoothly and seamlessly.

Customize Default Fields

Customize default PeepSo Core fields, for example you can add more gender options.

New Field Types

Multi select, Single select, Email, Date, Text, URL

Fields validation

Depending on the field type there are various validation options.


Those fields allow you to divide fields into meaningful groups of fields.


Customize your own registration form with Custom Profile Fields.


Set default privacy to profile fields, allow or disallow changing it to users.

Reorganize as you wish

Reorganize profile fields to your liking all with a simple drag and drop.

Required Fields

Decide which fields are required and which are optional.

Communicate via private messages & real-time chat. Every community needs a convenient way for members to message each other privately. This plugin adds private messaging and also the possibility to create private group messages between many members.

Chat works with other popular plugins. If Photos, Location and Moods are also installed, members will be able to add pictures, location, and mood to their messages.

Resource Friendly

Chat has been optimized for minimal server usage.

Real-time Chat

Chat works real-time. Always.

Email notifications

Users will be notified by email when there’s a message waiting for them.

Group chat

Chat and Messages work with one-on-one or group conversations.

Friend connections and “friends” privacy level. Creating connections is at the core of every community. Friends plugin lets your members add friends, accept or decline friend requests, and set their post privacy to “Friends Only.” It’s essential! Friendship relationships are what keeps people coming back to the community.

Add Friends

Let your users create friend connections.

Friends Birthday Widget

Shows upcoming friends birthdays and birthdays on the day.

My Friends Widget

Shows users latest friends. When placed in ‘PeepSo’ widget position it shows friends of that particular user whose profile you’re visiting.

Mutual Friends

When looking at members listing you can see who’s a mutual friend.

Email Notifications

Users get email notifications about pending friend requests.

Tag Friends

With Tags plugin users can tag their friends in Status Updates.

Upload photos and create albums in profiles and groups. Photos is a “must-have” plugin that lets members upload images to the Stream, Groups, Messages and Chat. It invigorates communities with pictures that people love to see and share. When clicked, the photos open in a modal window allowing members to comment, like and show them to their friends.

The plugin also adds a Photos tab to profile pages and to Groups. It comes with 2 widgets: My Photos and Community Photos that admins can place anywhere. Profile Photo Albums, Groups Photo Albums, .GIF support and many more!

Photos in Status Posts

Upload Photos to Status Posts, Profiles and Groups

Photos in Comments

Upload Photos to Comments under Posts

Amazon S3

Photos plugin comes with a built-in Amazon S3 Integration

Photo Albums

Create Photo Albums in User Profiles and Groups

Community Photos Widget

Shows latest photos of your entire community (photos show respecting their privacy settings).

.Gif support

Users can upload moving .gif files to Status Updates and in Comments

My Photos Widget

Shows users latest photos. When placed in ‘PeepSo’ widget position it shows photos of that particular user whose profile you’re visiting.

Status Updates

Optional automatic status updates when a user changes avatar or cover images.

Photos in Chat

Users can upload photos in Chat conversations.

Audio & Video uploads directly to your site. You can also link videos from WordPress supported providers like YouTube, Vimeo etc.. The videos show in a wide display for easy viewing. Audio files com with art work, if available. Members can comment, like and share the videos, generating engagement and interaction. Full support for live streaming via YouTube and other supported providers.

The plugin also puts a Videos tab on profile pages and within Groups (Groups plugin required) that displays all the videos the members uploaded. It also comes with widgets showing user content and community-wide video content: My Videos and Community Videos.

Video Uploads feature is very resource consuming and is not supported on shared hosting environments. See documentation.

Upload Videos

Allow Uploading videos directly to your site.

My Videos Widget

Shows users latest photos. When placed in ‘PeepSo’ widget position it shows videos of that particular user whose profile you’re visiting.

Share Videos

Share videos to User Profiles and Groups

Community Videos Widget

Shows latest Videos of your entire community (videos show depending on their privacy setting).

Audio Uploads

Upload audio files right to your community. Perfect for podcasts, music artists and more.

Supported Providers

Videos plugin supports all major providers like: YouTube, Vimeo and others.

Live Stream Videos

Support for Live Streaming via YT and other supported providers.

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