PeepSo – AutoFriends Plugin

PeepSo – AutoFriends Plugin is another premium plugin from It’s small and simple but allows automatic friendship formation between selected users and everyone else in the community.

How It Works

It works like magic! Select a user and add them to the list. All newly registered members will now become friends with that user. To create friend connections between all existing members, just click the ‘Befriend all Users’ button.

That’s it!

Want to stop making new friends? Just remove the user from the list. Existing friendship connections will not be affected but the user will no longer become automatic friends with newly registered users.

Is It a Standalone Plugin?

The PeepSo – AutoFriends is not a stand-alone plugin. For this plugin to work you must have PeepSo and FriendSo installed and activated.

Get PeepSo – AutoFriends Plugin

This plugin can be purchased from our Addons Page.

Get PeepSo – AutoFriends Plugin!

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About the author: Your Friendly PeepSo Staff Eric Tracz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The topic of Eric’s BA thesis in English philology was “The Influence of Scotch Whisky on Scottish Culture.” Completing that thesis took the kind of discipline that Eric now brings to PeepSo. He comes up with some unbeatable ideas, creates the clearest specs, makes sure that they get made and gets a kick out of seeing people using and loving the products. Like Matt, he also drives too fast on his motorbike.

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