New Release:

This primarily bugfix release addresses the issue with photos which in some rare situations can cause the Photos plugin to stop working or even worse, cause the site to break. It is hard to replicate so it is unknown how many sites are affected, but we strongly encourage you to update as soon as possible. We also added couple of new features too.

Photos Plugin

The actual issue in Photos Plugin, was just a simple typo. But a simple typo in a code can cause havoc. While it is very hard to replicate the issue and it’s inconsistent on different server environments, we did receive couple of reports and fixed the issue internally for these clients. Now, the fix is available for everyone and you are strongly advised to update as soon as possible, even if you didn’t experience any issues with Photos plugin.

New Features

Gecko Theme has received the update for it’s pages and it is now possible to find the edit page link on the frontend as well. No need to go to backend and search where that page you want to edit is. If you’re an administrator of the site, or have enough permissions to edit pages, the link will now be shown on frontend too.

“Posts by Friends” is a new stream filter. As it’s name says, it allows user to filter the activity stream and show only the posts made by their friends.

Friends Stream Filter

Other Fixes

We added few more under the hood improvements. If you’re interested to see them, check our changelog for all the details.

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Brought to you by PeepSo Team Siniša Krišan
I am experienced in various social networks and platforms. Among other things, I’m the guy you turn to for figuring out the feature’s details and resolving issues. I hail from Novi Sad, Serbia. My journey with Open Source had taken me across the globe to Bali, Indonesia, where I had spent several years working & evolving with the base PeepSo Team. I was involved with planning and development of very early versions of PeepSo and helped pushing the product forward. Although I tend to engage full workaholic mode, I am essentially a laid back person. I’m also a hardcore gamer and I enjoy playing video games with my girlfriend whenever I catch precious little spare time. I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures and surroundings.

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@peepso_user_10386(Josh Lewis)
Very pleased to see Posts by Friends as a stream filter type. Also happy that followers is still the default. 🙂
@peepso_user_97002(Brecht Arnaert)
Hi. I am new here. Where can I see how many people are in this community please?
February 5, 2023 9:51 am
@peepso_user_10(Matt Jaworski)
@peepso_user_97002(Brecht Arnaert) we have almost 100k users on this website