New Release: PeepSo & Gecko

“No conversion” video uploads improvements, let admins repost their own posts, bug fixes.

“No conversion” video uploads

The new video uploads method has been improved to properly support MOV files. However, this file type depends on browser support. As far as we can tell all major browsers are capable of MOV playback via the HTML5 video tag.

The file extensions allow list related to this feature was improved too. From now on when it’s empty it will default to MP4 (not to “any file type”) and we made sure it’s not case sensitive (so when configured to allow mp4 it also allows MP4 and vice versa).


We modified the permissions on our Repost engine to allow Administrators to repost their own entries. Repost is now considered a legacy mechanic, waiting to be replaced with a new sharing engine (which will take at least months to develop). The new system will not have such limitations in place, the idea is for everyone to be able to Repost everything in the future

Bug fixes

We fixed some compatibility issues with Elementor/Elementor Pro, All In One SEO and User Submitted Posts. We also made sure the like/share button labels on profiles do not overlap when like count is a big number.


Be sure to see our changelog for all the details.

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