PeepSo 1.8.6 Release

New Release: PeepSo 1.8.6

It’s my great pleasure to announce the immediate availability of PeepSo 1.8.6. The latest one contains a lot of small and big features which will enrich Your Community even further. Let’s see what’s new, shall we?


Let’s start with this. Simply go to the backend of your site > Dashboard > Updates, select all PeepSo plugins that need to be updated and click ‘Update Plugins’. Once that’s done, refresh the page and make sure to update PeepSo Core plugin as well. When that’s finished go to: Plugins list and just double check that all plugins are active. If not, simply select and activate the plugins. The whole operation doesn’t take more than 3 minutes. Should you have any issues or questions, please do contact us.

User Profiles

We have redesigned user profiles to be even more intuitive. Previously we kept preferences and notification settings in a totally separate view which some found confusing. Right now everything is unified and moved to the ‘About’ view right in the user profile and put into respective tabs for easy accessibility.

The same was done with the blocked users list that was ‘hidden’ away in profile preferences. Now it’s been made a part of the members listing. It’s easier to find.

Redesigned User Profiles
Redesigned User Profiles

Ajax Driven Member Widgets

We’ve looked over PeepSo member widgets and found ways they can be improved for even better performance. We’ve made two widgets (Latest Members and Online Members) in this 1.8.6 release totally ajaxified which means they do not impact load time of your site and data is loaded asynchronously. Which brings you faster page load times. In future releases we’ll also be looking into improving the other widgets the same way.

Invisible ReCaptcha

Google has introduced Invisible ReCaptcha quite some time ago and we were finally able to introduce it to PeepSo. It’s just better in every way. It doesn’t show unless there’s an absolute need for it to show. That brings better user experience.

Please note that if you’re using ReCaptcha with PeepSo now, you will need to generate new ReCaptcha keys for the Invisible ReCaptcha. Not to worry, it takes just a minute maybe even less. You can do it here.

Just generate new keys like shown in the screenshot. Get your site and secret keys. Copy them and paste to their respective fields in PeepSo configuration. Done.

PMP User Profile Integration

We’ve managed to finally wrap the Paid Memberships Pro subscription information into PeepSo profiles. Thanks to this, all the subscription information is kept inside of users’ profile view and they’re not taken outside of your community. It’s just better usability and we’re laying grounds for the future upgrades in this area as well.

Giphy Gifs Size

By popular demand we’ve added 2 new settings to GIPHY plugin that will allow you to decide how big, dimensions, the giphy gifs will show. One setting is for the comments on the stream, second is for the chat integration.

Original GIPHY gif size in a comment
Original GIPHY gif size in a comment


Amongst all the new features we introduced a number of great improvements to PeepSo’s existing features.


For the past few releases we’ve been and still are focusing on improving Groups even further. We started laying grounds for more group settings and options that will come in the future releases. Let’s focus on what came in 1.8.6, though. In this release we removed the About screen and introduced a settings page instead.

Group Settings View
Group Settings View

Group description, categories and member count has been moved to the cover and on click expands to show whole info. Changing group privacy is also moved to the cover. When looking into group settings, the privacy information changes into a button and group privacy can be changed.

Group View
Group View

Other Improvements

Activity deletion has been ajaxified. Previously after deleting a post from the stream, the page had to reload, now it does not. It smoothly removes a post and moves the content up. VIP icons have been added to groups member view as well as their rendering has been improved in the author box under blogposts on some themes. Fixed author box information on embedded blog posts.


There was a problem with rendering blogposts at the bottom of a page in single activity at the bottom when SEF links were enabled in Divi theme, we managed to fix this in this release. Another one that’s worth mentioning is a fixed typo in friend accepted email notification title. Missing membership navigation link from PMP integration plugin was put back in place as well. There are a whole lot more improvements and fixes. You can see them all here.

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@peepso_user_6732(Mason Price)
The new updates feels really smooth, love it....
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You're Welcome @peepso_user_3065(robert roberts) 🙂
September 14, 2017 8:00 pm