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  • E-Learning
  • E-Commerce
  • Private Communities
  • Mobile
  • Memberships
  • Corporate and Workforce
  • NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Schools and Online Learning
  • Personal Brand
  • Artists and Creators

Want to turn your knowledge into real money? We got you covered! PeepSo combined with the power of LearnDash gives you an amazing opportunity to monetize your teaching skills.

We can also provide a wonderful environment for your students to collaborate and grow together. You can organize them into groups, and let them share their experiences and knowledge in a familiar environment. Encourage them even more with gamification: grant them badges, achievements or trophies.

Let’s teach and learn together!


With this Integration, all your clients will have one thing in common: YOU. 

Do you want to generate more sales online with your brand and/or your products? Look no further; PeepSo – WooCommerce Integration will help you reach your business goals! 

Creating a Community behind your brand has never been easier. People will initially come to buy – but they will keep coming back for socialization, and they will get interested in more products. They are also more likely to refer your site elsewhere, and thus expand your business for you.

Private Communities

Manage your Community’s privacy at your leisure. You have full control over user registration and moderation. This will help you build your personal brand awareness. Users can freely interact with each other and talk about shared interests and topics, while retaining the sense of freedom and safety.


Make your site accessible from mobile devices – launch your own community app! And while you’re at it, make it easy to use, engaging and beautiful. PeepSo MobiLoud Integration is specifically designed to provide this necessary feature for your site.

Keep building brand loyalty and give value to your community, maintain its growth and engagement. Keep in touch on the go while making profit, improve your organization’s visibility. Allow everyone to stay connected, access courses, trainings and all your content while on the move.


Keep your community profitable and engaged with PeepSo Paid Memberships Pro Integration. 

Creating an exclusive community for your users will directly contribute to your income, generating a revenue stream. It can also help you to improve your personal brand. You have the control over every user’s actions and access to all areas of your site.

Corporate and Workforce

PeepSo is perfect for enterprises, companies and entrepreneurs. Keep your workforce trained and engaged with a private community. 

Achieve new company goals by keeping all your employees trained and up to date on the company processes and news. 

PeepSo brings you the comfort of control over your publications and managing your team. It will help you teach, train and share experiences with your employees.

NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations

We all have a place in PeepSo! That is why we thought of your non-profit community. 

We know how difficult it is to manage a company, and even more if it pursues social goals. We are here to help you.

Train your employees, volunteers and workforce in the skills you need: fundraising, people skills, communication and technical skills that are fundamental for your organization’s improvement.

Create and maintain your NGO community, keep your workforce connected and prepared for all the challenges ahead.

Schools and Online Learning

The Learning Management Systems market is steadily advancing and it’s already worth around $6 billion. This value will only grow over the years and it represents a fantastic opportunity for Online Teaching projects.

In these changing days, PeepSo helps you provide your students with the easiest and safest method to learn, interact with each other, and enjoy themselves while studying. This is called blended learning. 

PeepSo’s learning method is based on easy and constant communication, training, different learning content, social learning and gamification. With all these tools at hand, your students are provided with utmost engagement and successful education.

Personal Brand

Do you want to improve your personal brand? 

PeepSo works for you! With our platform you can create an online community perfectly correspondent to your knowledge, expertise and services. 

You can sell your services and knowledge easily and efficiently!

Turn your personal brand into an educational hub where you and your community can share documents, articles, topics and improve on their value. We want to create a place where people like you can teach and learn practical, applicable skills easily and effortlessly.

Artists and Creators

We know that nowadays content creation and/or art creation is a full time job. That’s why we want to make it easier for you to sell your products, creations and art! You can focus on your creations, and we’ll take care of the sales system.

Build an online community around your creations and start selling what you love – to whomever you wish. Keep people engaged with posts, badges and interactions.



  • Foundation
  • Connect
  • Multimedia
  • App Ready
  • Paid Accounts & Access Control
  • Ads & Classifieds
  • E-Learning
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Login
  • Events
  • Points & Rewards
  • Keep in Touch
Profile Page

Activity Stream

Users can write Posts on Activity Stream and Profiles. Comments under Posts are nested so your users never lose track of the conversations.

Customizable Profiles

Users can set their own avatars and cover images. Profiles come with custom fields that users can fill in with information about themselves.


Advertising is telling the world how great you are, while publicity is having others tell the world.


Comes with the ability to use hashtags on any PeepSo Posts. Whether they’re made by users on activity stream or in groups regardless of posts privacy settings. Hashtag search is built-in. You can search either by clicking a hashtag or by using the search field.

Blog Posts

Integrate your Blog with your Community. Add Blog Posts tab to user profiles, featuring blog entries created by your community members. Automatically create a new PeepSo activity stream post. It is also capable of creating a PeepSo activity stream item each time a new WordPress post is published.


It’s a plugin that we have been looking forward ourselves too. We needed a way to easily and safely format text within our own community. So that we can answer questions and provide well formatted answers at the same time.

Group View


Open, Closed and Secret user groups. Groups plugin lets your community to create and participate within more narrowed group discussions. Communities, especially those revolving around a general topic, groups are a very useful tool.


Communicate via private messages & real-time chat. Every community needs a convenient way for members to message each other privately. This plugin adds private messaging and also the possibility to create private group messages between many members.


Friend connections and “friends” privacy level. Creating connections is at the core of every community. Friends plugin lets your members add friends, accept or decline friend requests, and set their post privacy to “Friends Only.” It’s essential!

Videos can be uploaded from activity stream and profile page


Upload photos and create albums in profiles and groups. Photos is a “must-have” plugin that lets members upload images to the Stream, Groups, Messages and Chat. It invigorates communities with pictures that people love to see and share. When clicked, the photos open in a beautiful theatre view window allowing members to comment, react to and show them to their friends.

The plugin also adds a Photos tab to profile pages and to Groups. It comes with 2 widgets: My Photos and Community Photos that admins can place anywhere. Profile Photo Albums, Groups Photo Albums, .GIF support and many more!

Audio & Video

Audio & Video uploads directly to your site. You can also link videos from WordPress supported providers like YouTube, Vimeo etc. The videos show in a theatre view for easy and comfortable viewing experience. Videos can also play inline within posts. Audio files come with art work, if available, via built-in integration. Members can comment on, react to and share the videos, generating engagement and interaction. Full support for live streaming via YouTube and other supported providers. Just copy and paste a link to your live stream within PeepSo video sharing feature in postbox and you’re done.

App Ready

Ultimate Bundle Exclusive

The integration plugin is exclusively available as a part of Ultimate Bundle.

Choose Your Wrapper

The recommended solution is MobiLoud. As an unsupported but more affordable alternative you could go with WPMobileApp.

Want To Know More?

Check out our documentation to learn more about hits integration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Paid Accounts & Access Control
User Limits Configuration

User Limits

Granular control over user actions. Take better control of your community! This plugin lets you restrict user access to selected abilities based on their role and/or required percentage of complete profile fields, and/or required custom avatar upload.

Paid Memberships Pro Integration

Paid community memberships. This plugin integrates the PaidMembershipsPro plugin into PeepSo’s registration and navigation, giving users a seamless registration experience. On registration, members are offered a list of membership plans. The plans are configurable via PMP plugin’s settings. Just as membership pages are.

Ads & Classifieds
WP Adverts Integration

Advanced Ads Integration

Social Targeted Ads Facebook Style. Monetizing your community is a hard task. It requires a lot of time, dedication and most often than not doesn’t work out the way you want it to. It can be dictated by various factors. All in all, it’s not an easy task.

WPAdverts Integration

Monetize your community with paid ads. WPAdverts is a light-weight plugin which allows to build beautiful classifieds site in minutes. Running a classifieds site alone can be challenging. However, adding a classified ads to your existing community, fantastic idea!

Learndash integration on PeepSo profile

LearnDash Integration

Beautifully displayed posts when users enroll in a course so others can see what courses are getting popular. Eye-catching posts when users complete a course for others in Your Community to notice.


WooCommerce & Dokan Integration

It’s a fantastic way to add the social spark to your store or create a store for Your Community. Either way, it’s a win-win. It’s a fantastic way to monetize your site. Is your community revolving around motorbikes? Why not sell them some gear. Gaming? Sell them games. Gardening? Sell them shovels. I mean, the world is your oyster and the sky is the limit. Unless your community is for travellers in which case you can even sell them hot-air balloon trips.

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin which enables you to create your own online store and sell all sorts of digital goods. We can’t recommend it enough. You know it’s true when we actually use it ourselves. EDD itself comes with a vast array of features. Not only we made sure that the we got EDD itself covered, we also took this opportunity and integrated PeepSo with a number of its addons: Software Licensing, Recurring Payments, All Access Pass, PDF Invoices.

Social Login
Social Login integration for PeepSo

Social Login & Invitations

The Social Login plugin on its own does what it’s supposed to. Provide login options to your users to your website with 3rd party services like Facebook, Twitter etc. Plugin allows your members to invite their friends from other social networks to visit and join your site. Takes a form of a widget which you can place anywhere you like in any widget position.


WP Event Manager Integration

Powerful calendar solution to manage your events from frontend as well as backend. Featuring a full profile integration and custom tailored RSVP system, all tied with PeepSo stream and notifications.

Points & Rewards
BadgeOS integration for PeepSo

BadgeOS Integration

Achievement system for community engagement. BadgeOS Integration Plugin lets users earn badges for their community engagement. The badges or achievements, if you will, are displayed in users’s profiles. When a badge is earned a corresponding activity post is created on PeepSo stream as well to congratulate the user on earning a badge.

myCRED Integration

Users earn points for community engagement. The myCRED plugin awards users points for actions performed on your website. Now the PeepSo – myCRED Integration Plugin adds a bunch of new hooks for PeepSo-related actions. Users will win points for being active in your community.

Keep in Touch
Email Digest inbox

Email Digest

Bring users back with newsletter-style emails. It’s intended to bring users back to the community and to build engagement through enticing content delivered by email. Because it only sends those emails to users who haven’t logged in during a period specified by the admin, it won’t bother active members; it will only show inactive members what they’ve been missing.

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PeepSo Foundation

Free Foundation

PeepSo is completely FREE and it is a foundation required to run other plugins. Its activity stream and profile pages will enable you to start building Your Community just the way you always wanted it to be.