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Unlimited Possiblities

PeepSo allows you to quickly and easily add a social network or an online community right inside your WordPress site.

More Than Amazing Software

Software alone is amazing but we don’t just deliver that. We pride ourselves on fully supporting our solution and making sure Your Community is covered.

Fanatical Support

We stand by our products 100% and that is exactly why we pride ourselves on having fanatical support. 24/7 Technical Support.

Regular Updates

Active License holders have access to Updates and Upgrades for no additional cost. We try to release a new version every few weeks. See our Changelog.

Subscription Optional

You do not have to commit to a recurring subscription in order to purchase PeepSo. There’s no need for that. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Empower Your Community

Create your perfect community. Just the way you always wanted to.
PeepSo and its plugins make it So Easy.

Online Community

With PeepSo you can create a complete & beautiful community. Users can write Posts on Activity Stream and Profiles. Comments under Posts are nested so your users never lose track of the conversations.

Users can set their own avatars and cover images. Profiles come with custom fields that users can fill in with information about themselves.

Activity Stream

Customizable Profiles

File Uploads

Photos & Albums


User Blog Posts


Real-time Chat

Live Notifications

Audio & Video

Friends & Followers



PeepSo integrates with LearnDash & TutorLMS which gives you possibility to make courses and transform your community into e-learning platform.

Configurable layout

Course Activity


See what others learn

Related Groups


WooCommerce & Dokan Integration gives you ability to add shop to your community and make money.

Purchases on Stream

Product Reviews

Product Vendors

Cart integration

Orders management

Dokan Multi Vendor

Ads & Classifieds

Advanced Ads Integration with PeepSo can make the monetizing process far simpler, and much more reliable than using any other means. Running a classifieds site alone can be challenging.

However, adding classified ads with WPAdverts Integration to your existing Community can be a fantastic feat, because then you can have the best of both worlds.

Ad Targeting

Display all ad types

Integration with Groups

Target Profile Fields

Seamless Ad Experience

Community by PeepSo

Super-light and free social networking plugin for WordPress

Your Community. Your Way.
At your fingertips.

By partnering with MobiLoud we’re giving you everything you need to build amazing apps for your business for iOS and Android.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be triggered in your apps for anything that triggers a notification on your PeepSo site.

A Native-like Experience

MobiLoud essentially takes your existing PeepSo site and puts it in a native “wrapper”, creating what is known as a hybrid app.

Ease of Use

There’s nothing to rebuild or recreate in the apps – you’ll be able to directly translate what you’ve already built on the web into a great native app experience.

What People Say

Prove that the right community plugin can make a big difference.

I’m so freaking pleased!

The ability to comment and like posts in groups you are not a member in has been on the top of my wishlist for forever, and this has made my community a lot livelier.

Johannes Genberg

The support is very quick!

I’ve been with Peepso for over a year and I’m loving it for my community. I’d highly suggest using their theme Gecko as well. The support is very quick and they are so helpful.

Tiffany Briley

Peepso really is fantastic!

Fun piece of software to use I have other script based projects in process at present too (for other purposes) but Peepso is by far the most fun and enjoyable to use of them!

Jasmine Christina

Community by PeepSo

Super-light and free social networking plugin for WordPress