Recommended Hosting

We always make sure that PeepSo works with our partners' hosting 100% of the time.

Choosing a web hosting company can be a confusing endeavor. Many potential customers find themselves swimming through a cluttered sea of suitors, vying for their business with a dizzying selection of specialties and promises. If you’re looking for dedicated solutions, that’s definitely a place to go to.

Recommended Themes

We always make sure that PeepSo works with our partners' themes 100% of the time.

They are one of the best theme and plugin creators in the WordPress world. With their Divi theme and Divi builder you’ll be able to achieve nearly any design and layout goals you set for your website.

Anariel Design is a theme provider with a long list of themes for WordPress. Zeko is one of their great themes which fully supports PeepSo and its plugins. It is a charity WordPress theme designed to make change happen. Featuring a beautiful, bold, and modern design alongside all the features you need. If you’re looking for great themes, look here.

Custom Development

Should you need custom work or even plugin development contact these partners of ours.

The CreativeMinds team specializes in creating cutting-edge WordPress Plugins. They do offer a number of integrations between PeepSo and their own solutions that can further extend Your Community. Integrations with Strava, file sharing with Downloads, location sharing with Maps, Answers and many others.

They’re great plugin developers. With their focus on a couple of solutions for WordPress you can be sure that their plugins are of great quality. PeepSo is fully integrated with WordPress Social Invitations – it will let your users connect to their social networks and bring their friends back to your site. Currently supporting: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Emails, Twitter and more.

GamiPress let’s you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your WordPress website. That’s the clearest and most accurate description. However, to make it even more interesting they integrate with PeepSo too. You can add achievements to your PeepSo community for participation not only in Community life but also interacting with other aspects of your site.

Wbcom Designs is a group of experienced people working under one roof having multiple skills and creating great solutions for WordPress. Including but not limited to PeepSo integrations with: bbPress, WPForo, Lifter LMS and more. You should definitely check out their integrations if you’re looking to extend Your Community even more.

PeepSo is fully integrated with Advanced Ads thanks to our Advanced Ads Integration plugin. The integration works perfectly with free Advanced Ads, but they have so much more to offer. It’s developers not only proven themselves with 9 years of publishing and ad optimization they’re Google AdSense Partner and many more.

WPAdverts is a lite weight plugin which allows to build beatufiul classifieds site in minutes. Plugin will work with ANY properly coded WordPress theme and you can use it on new or existing site. Additionally with PeepSo – WPAdverts integration plugin you can give your community the ability to post Classified Ads and with that monetize your site better.