Our support operates Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM (GMT+8). We reply to the majority of requests in less than 24 hours, but although we do our best it can take us up to 48 hours to get back to you (72 hours if the request was made just before or during the weekend).
We are expecting a support slow-down between June 14th – June 21st due to important holidays in Indonesia and Malaysia. We are sorry about the potential inconvenience.

Website access

In most cases to provide fast and reliable support we need our eyes on the admin section of your website.

Request details

Please reserve "emergency" priority for critical issues such as: plugins not activating, users unable to log-in/register, PHP fatal errors etc.
Give us as many details about your problem / question as possible. Detailed steps to replicate a problem help resolving it faster.

In 99% cases our support representatives need access to be able to diagnose and fix a problem. In most cases having an admin account access to your WordPress site is enough. You might also be asked to provide access to FTP and phpMyAdmin if the problem is a complex one. We encourage you NOT to send the access to your main admin account. Instead create a separate ‘support’ admin account in your WordPress site.

Before submitting the ticket, please note that you are required to have full backups of your website. Make sure both files and database are backed up and that the backup is working. It’s not happened yet, but should there be a glitch or a problem our developers are unable to solve or if in the process of trying to fix your site something else gets broken you may be asked to bring your site from backup.