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Johannes Genberg


I'm so freaking pleased!

The ability to comment and like posts in groups you are not a member in has been on the top of my wishlist for forever, and this has made my community a lot livelier.

Noel Damien


PeepSo is #amazing!

Helped us to improve a real decentralized Social Network based on the blockchain and Tor infrastructure for the #countries who have censored the use of #SocialNetworks

Tiffany Briley


The support is very quick!

I’ve been with Peepso for over a year and I’m loving it for my community. I’d highly suggest using their theme Gecko as well. The support is very quick and they are so helpful.

Jasmine Christina


Peepso really is fantastic!

Fun piece of software to use I have other script based projects in process at present too (for other purposes, not social-media sites) but Peepso is by far the most fun and enjoyable to use of them!

Dennis Velco


The solution is amazing.

I have been using Peepso for a year now. The solution is amazing. I often get compliments from my community members. The system is frequently updated adding new features. Their support is top notch. They have never left me hanging and respond quickly. I love the tool.

Jason Pelletier


Thank you PeepSo Team!

My first post to the community and I really want to say Thank You to the PeepSo support staff! You guys have helped me through 20+ support tickets and you have always been fast and courteous and I really appreciate the extra help!





With PeepSo you can create a complete & beautiful community. Users can write Posts on Activity Stream and Profiles. Comments under Posts are nested so your users never lose track of the conversations. Users can set their own avatars and cover images. Profiles come with custom fields that users can fill in with information about themselves.

Activity Stream

Customizable Profiles


File Uploads

Photos & Albums


Friends & Followers

Live On-site and Email Notifications

Real-time Chat

VIP Icons


Blog Posts

Audio & Video



PeepSo integrates with LearnDash & TutorLMS which gives you possibility to make courses and transform your community into e-learning platform.

Configurable layout

Course Activity on Community Stream


See what others learn

Related Groups

Configurable URL and label



WooCommerce & Dokan Integration gives you ability to add shop to your community and make money.

Stream Posts about Purchases

Product Reviews Stream Posts

Easy setup

Product Vendors

Cart integration

Orders management

Dokan Multi Vendor


Ads & Classifieds

Advanced Ads Integration with PeepSo can make the monetizing process far simpler, and much more reliable than using any other means. Running a classifieds site alone can be challenging. However, adding classified ads with WPAdverts Integration to your existing Community can be a fantastic feat, because then you can have the best of both worlds.

Ad Targeting

Integration with VIP plugin

Seamless Ad Experience

Target Custom Profile Fields

Display all ad types

Integration with Groups

App Ready

Ultimate Bundle Exclusive

The integration plugin is exclusively available as a part of Ultimate Bundle.

Choose Your Wrapper

The recommended solution is MobiLoud. As an unsupported but more affordable alternative you could go with WPMobileApp.

Want To Know More?

Check out our documentation to learn more about hits integration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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In short – everything you need to get a wonderful community started & working for free!

In long – we have included the most important features carefully designed by PeepSo, to provide the utmost comfort and functionality both for your setup and your users’ experience.