New Release: PeepSo

TutorLMS integration BETA2 (Early Access), new “read more” logic, improved Gecko guest redirects & exceptions.

Tutor LMS integration (BETA2)

Tutor LMS integration is being built based on popular user demand. This update only contains small visual and language changes (compared to BETA1).

New “read more” logic

The code managing the “read more” implementation was fully refactored and reimplemented in JavaScript instead of PHP. It not only speeds up the stream (a little) but also eliminates many issues related to partial migration from server rendering to client rendering. For example with MarkDown being interpreted in the browser, the PHP code is not always aware of how many visible characters the user will be shown. This often resulted in “read more” kicking in too soon. It would also sometimes misinterpret links and line breaks, leading to inconsistent results our outright broken output.

The new logic operates directly on the HTML output in the browserafter MarkDown, Mentions, links etc are parsed -so there is no room for misunderstanding.

It’s also another step towards Client Side Rendering (CSR) required for us to be able to separate the layers of the application more efficiently. For example, considering a theoretical future REST API driven mobile app, we can’t have the backend return pre-formatted HTML. So, the “visual” part like rendering MarkDown, Mentions, links and deciding how to handle “read more” must be done in the client (browser, mobile app, etc).

Gecko guest redirects

If your website is configured to redirect all guests to a specific page, Gecko gives you an option to exclude certain pages from that redirect. This feature worked great in general, but with two hiccups: the exception list would ignore CPTs (anything not of type “post” or “page”) and the way we obtained the current page ID wasn’t the most optimal.

Gecko fixes that – the exception list will now recognize CPTs by their numeric ID, and the way we get the current page ID is now much more efficient, which should lead to better performance overall.

Redirect exceptions will now work correctly with CPTs. In this example, the site is configured to redirect guests to Tutor Instruction Registration, except one specific job offer added via JobBoardWP.

Admin improvements

We have reorganized the configuration panel a little bit – moved some post related options from “General” to “Stream Posts” and moved “Reporting” and “WordFilter” to a brand new “Moderation” tab. We also improved the expired license warnings to be a bit more verbose and provide easy renewal/upgrade options.

A new server compatibility check was added – it will monitor for server configuration issues leading to PeepSoAJAX URLs not working (a common issue with fresh nginx installs not configured properly for WordPress). In case the URLs can’t be loaded properly, the admin will be warned, with some handy links to potential solutions.

Some configuration options have been moved around for better organization – including a new “Moderation” config tab.

Other improvements and fixes

It is now impossible to accidentally click the “register” button more than once. This fixes a reported issue where users would click it multiple times either by accident or out of impatience, resulting in a misleading message that the email is already taken.

The Groups “following indicator” now shows an email icon if user has email notifications are enabled for the group. Previously a bell icon was used when user had any notification type enabled for the group.

We also fixed some Messages page overlap issues related to notification pop-ups. Photos are now properly removed from AWS when an album is deleted.


As always you can see our changelog for all the details.

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