Renewing PeepSo Discount Bundle?

PeepSo Discount Bundle Is No More…

The bundle you’ve purchased last year or in the beginning of this one has been discountinued and as such can’t be renewed.

As much as at the time it seemed like a good solution, many users found it confusing. Having all that said, we have a much better offer for you.

With the old bundle apart from the free plugins you got:

– Photos
– Videos
– Extended Profiles
– Messages
– Friends

Each priced at $30 at the time. The bundle was priced at $149.

Since then we’ve dropped prices significantly and each of these plugins you can get now at just $19. That’s a total of $95 and is a fraction of the cost of the original bundle.

We encourage you to go to our addons page and check out the offer. You can build your own package, get the plugins that you need and pay less with our built-in discount system.

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PeepSo Ultimate Bundle

You can also consider looking into our latest PeepSo Ultimate Bundle which gives you access to ALL current and future plugins as long as you have an active license.

That’s right. Every. Single. Plugin.

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