The PeepSo Core plugin can be upgraded with a Zip installation file or by using the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Preparations before the upgrade that must be done

  1. Create a backup of the entire site, files and database.
  2. Make sure the backup works.
  3. Put the site in maintenance mode.
  4. Always upgrade the PeepSo Core plugin to the latest version first.
  5. Depending on your setup, upgrade the other PeepSo plugins like: PicSo, MoodSo etc. Follow the same upgrade procedure with a Zip Installation file as you would for PeepSo Core.

Using A Zip Installation File

  1. Open the PeepSo configuration.
  2. Under the “PeepSo Uninstall” options make sure that the: “Delete Post and Comment data” and “Delete all data and settings” ARE NOT CHECKED. Otherwise you will lose everything users ever posted on the site.
    PeepSo Upgrade
  3. Save changes.
  4. Navigate to the plugins list.
  5. Find PeepSo.
  6. Deactivate and remove PeepSo.
  7. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  8. Use the “Upload Plugin” button.
  9. Upload the installation package
  10. Install and activate.

PeepSo upgrade from a zip file

Using The WordPress Plugin Directory In The Backend Of Your Website

  1. Navigate to the backend area of your site.
  2. Find PeepSo in your plugins list. An icon will indicate that the plugin needs to be updated.
  3. Click the ‘update’ link. WordPress will update the plugin.

PeepSo upgrade via WP backend

About the author: Your Friendly PeepSo Staff Eric Tracz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The topic of Eric’s BA thesis in English philology was “The Influence of Scotch Whisky on Scottish Culture.” Completing that thesis took the kind of discipline that Eric now brings to PeepSo. He comes up with some unbeatable ideas, creates the clearest specs, makes sure that they get made and gets a kick out of seeing people using and loving the products. Like Matt, he also drives too fast on his motorbike.

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