May The 4th Be With You

Fantastic year indeed. Officially a year has just passed since we took PeepSo over. We’ve put our hearts and souls into PeepSo and its plugins. This is a simple post where I want to express my gratitude, I’m sure the whole team will join me here, to everyone who uses and supports PeepSo.

It’s not easy to create something great and it does take very long hours, lots of sweat, dedication just to mention a few. I dare to say it takes more time and effort than to become a Jedi Master. Yep, you read that right. With the right people in the right place all is possible, though.

One year anniversary since I took over PeepSo with Matt, May The Forth is coming along soon which happens to also be his birthday. So, Happy Birthday Matt! But I digress. Sorry. Read more

PeepSo Ultimate Bundles

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle has been a great hit. To the point that we’ve decided to permanently cut the price of the bundle. From $499 to $249. Great news, isn’t it? We’re not stopping there, though. We have also created additional bundles that come with 5, 20 and 100 installations support. What Does The Bundle Give You? Read more

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle

PeepSo has been growing quite steadily in the past few years. Right now our portfolio of plugins consists of 24 plugins not including the 2 migrator plugins that we also have. Keeping track of licenses for 20 out of the 26 plugins is one thing. Renewals is a completely different story. Not to mention separate purchase times and manual renewals. It’s not a huge problem, it’s just inconvenient. To list it all, if you have all of our plugins that would be:

  • 24 Plugins.
  • 20 License keys that you need to keep track of.
  • 20 Manual renewal procedures.
  • Plugins purchased at different dates so the license expiration is different.
  • Separate purchases don’t include any discounts.
  • New plugins come out with the features Your Community needs and a new purchase is necessary.

Read more

Celebrate Halloween With Us and Get 20% off

We recently released PeepSo 1.4.2. We’re glad to say it’s been a huge hit and we’ve had a ton of positive feedback!

Celebrate Halloween With Us!

This is PeepSo’s first Halloween and we’d love you to celebrate it with us! Right now you can get Bundle #2 for just $112. That’s a saving of nearly $130 against the price of each separate plugin.

All you need to do is add Bundle #2 to the cart and use the following promo code when you check out:


Buy Today!

Be quick, this promo code expires on Tuesday 3rd of November 2015 at midnight PDT.

Where to apply the discount code.

Where to apply the discount code.

But what will I do with all the money I’ve saved?

You could get in some extra candy for the kids in your neighbourhood. Or just spend it on yourself, whichever makes you happiest. Happy Halloween!

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