Help us translate PeepSo!

PeepSo is growing and we’re looking for translators! Our goal is to have PeepSo translated into every language (or almost every language) by the end of this year.

Why should you become a translator?

Translators get huge discounts!

If you translate PeepSo entirely, reaching 100 percent completion, we will give you access to the PeepSo Ultimate Bundle for 50% OFF! They’re yours. You will keep receiving free upgrades and support as long as you keep the translations up-to-date.

Translators can make a real difference.

The difference between a good and a bad translation is huge. I’m sure you’ve seen how They’re annoying and unprofessional bad translations can be. If you have ever looked at a translated website and thought that you could do better, this is your chance to do it right.

Control the translation that affects your site.

If you run a site that uses PeepSo, it’s in your interest to make sure that PeepSo is translated into your users’ language… and translated well.

How long does it take to translate PeepSo?

We estimate you’ll need between 15 and 25 hours for a full translation. As new plugins are added, the additional work will be minimal.

Do I need any qualifications to translate?

We prefer to use experienced, professional translators but if you love PeepSo and think you can do it, we’d be happy to have you on board.

How many translators are accepted for each language?

We try to use just one translator for each language. It’s the easiest way to keep the language strings are consistent.

Which languages already have a translator?

  • Italian – Completed
  • Dutch – Completed
  • Chinese Simplified – Completed
  • Chinese Traditional – Completed
  • Hebrew – Completed
  • Indonesian – Completed
  • Spanish – Completed
  • French – Completed
  • German – Completed
  • and more!

We do not need translators for these languages at this time.

Where can I download completed translations?

Click here.

How do I sign up?

Contact us.

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