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PeepSo 1.7.6 is out. After this release we’ll try to stick to shorter release cycles, ideally of about two weeks. We want to bring new features, improvements and fixes in a steady, fast stream! It’s very important to follow the upgrade procedure to avoid having to do it manually. Make sure to read the Upgrades paragraph!

New GIPHY Plugin

Let’s start with a brand new addition to the PeepSo suite: the GIPHY Integration plugin. GIPHY is the best way to search, share, and discover GIFs on the Internet. Like other search engines, most of their content comes from indexing based on the best and most popular GIFs and search terms across the web.

Now the whole vast library of gifs is available to your community. Gifs from GIPHY can be added to comments under posts as well as shared via chat. It’s a great way to react to a post or a message.

How does it work?

Adding a gif from GIPHY to a comment or chat is pretty straightforward. Click the gif icon, search for any keywords of your choice, and GIPHY provides you with gifs that fit those terms. Just click the gif of your choice and you’re done.


Since GIPHY is a third party service, it needs an API key to work. We’ve been working with GIPHY and we’ve made sure that you don’t need to apply for the key; it’s filled in during installation and works with any domain name. You’ll be able to change it in the config section if GIPHY changes the API key.

Add GIPHY to Your Community!

GIPHY Integration Plugin is a great way to empower Your Community more. Give them a fantastic tool where with one moving gif they can express all their emotions.
Get GIPHY Today!

PicSo Supports .GIF files Too

We have also added gif support to the PicSo plugin so you can now upload all those moving .gif files. Just go to the postbox, pick a photo, add it, and post it. Gif files will be marked with a playable icon that can be viewed in the modal window. The same applies for posting playable .gifs in comments under posts.

Load More

We’ve been asked about adding a Load More button for some time… and we’ve finally been able to do it. The infinite scroll loads a limited amount of activities, photos and videos, etc., then displays a Load More button. Your community members will be able to choose to either load more items or reach the footer of your website.

Further Performance Improvements

In this version we focused on the GroupSo plugin and we managed to reduce the load on the database tremendously. Clearing bottlenecks, like making sure that the GroupSo plugin is only called when needed, has helped to reduce the query load by as much as 30 percent in some scenarios.

Strict Version Lock

With this version we also introduced a strict version lock with PeepSo. All of the plugins will now have to be the same version in order to work together. The goal is to prevent big incompatibilities between versions that can cause a plugin to call functions that don’t exist. That can whitescreen your site — and nobody wants that.

Upgrades! Important!

Upgrades can be performed in two ways. The automatic upgrade system lets you click a button on each plugin to upgrade to the latest available version. Alternatively, you can go to ‘My Account‘ and download the latest versions manually. Deactivate and delete the old plugins, upload, and activate new plugins.

For the automatic upgrades to work flawlessly make sure that you upgrade all the child plugins first like PicSo, GroupSo etc. and upgrade PeepSo Core last. You might need to reactivate the plugins too, once PeepSo Core is upgraded.

Other Improvements And Bug Fixes

We’ve made a number of fixes and improvements in this version. The infinity scroll now also works for guests (non-logged in users). We improved the UI in mobile view with Groups view. We also added an option to clear logs in the Email Digest plugin so that you don’t have a bloated database table. You can see the full changelog here.

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.
Get PeepSo Today!

Add GIPHY to Your Community!

GIPHY Integration Plugin is a great way to empower Your Community more. Give them a fantastic tool where with one moving gif they can express all their emotions.
Get GIPHY Today!
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PeepSo – CM Download Manager Tue, 11 Apr 2017 05:09:07 +0000

CM Download Manager is considered the best download manager plugin for WordPress and once integrated with PeepSo adds the ability to share files within the community which has access restriction based on the user profile and group settings.

Each PeepSo user can upload files which will be shown in his profile. For each file the user can set access restriction and allow specific members or groups to access the file and download it. Once a user upload a file is also added to the feed and appears in his wall. The AddOn includes an option in the setting to control this feature.

PeepSo – CM Download Manager features:

  • Restrict Access by group – Restrict access to any file by specifying PeepSo group names
  • Restrict Access by user – Restrict access to any file by specifying PeepSo user names
  • User Download Area – Create for each user his own download area
  • Feed Updates – Once user share a file it will be posted on his activity feed
  • Control files visibility – User can control each file visibility and settings after upload using his files dashboard


Integration with the MicroPayment Plugin

The Download Manager and PeepSo can also be integrated with the MicroPayment plugin in such a way that a user will gain virtual currency or points for uploading file or downloading them. The setting for the amount of points granted or charged for uploads or downloads is available in the plugin settings after installing all modules. To achieve the above within the PeepSo social network you would need to have both the MicroPayment plugin and the PeepSo addon for MicroPayment.

Please note that this is not a standalone plugin and it requires PeepSo, GroupSo and the CM Download Manager plugins

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.
Get PeepSo Today!

Add This To Your Community!

Sharing is caring! Let your users share files within your community. Share them amongst themselves or within groups.

Get Download Manager Today!
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PeepSo – CM Routes Manager Tue, 11 Apr 2017 04:56:41 +0000

The new Routes Manager PeepSo addon allows users to integrate the Routes Manager plugin with their PeepSo social network. The Routes Manager plugin lets users create a catalog of map routes with various points of interest. This addon creates the ability for community admins to add map routes to your PeepSo social network and enhance their social community.

The Routes Manager Plugin displays created map routes with Google Maps integration. These maps include points of interest and can include trails marked for various outdoor activities like running, hiking or biking. Maps can be categorized by location, route type or difficulty.

The Map Routes Manager plugin can be used in many different ways. Routes can cover wilderness routes, city walks, hiking trails, and bike trails. The plugin can be used to create driving directions, show points of interest, and locate stores along designated routes.

The image below shows a PeepSo user profile with map routes published on the page. The map routes are added as a separate tab on the PeepSo user profile for easy access. This tab will allow users to see all the routes the published using the addon.

This plugin is a great addition to PeepSo, and the maps integrate easily into the profile. The Routes Manager provides simple trails and helpful directions which can be added to the profiles.

Please note that this is not a standalone plugin and it requires PeepSo, GroupSo and the Routes Manager plugins.

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.
Get PeepSo Today!

Add This To Your Community!

Add Routes Manager to your community! Let people share their favorite hiking trails, roadtrip maps and many more!

Get Routes Manager Today!
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PeepSo BlogPosts Plugin Tue, 11 Apr 2017 03:27:57 +0000

Comment Sync

The new version of PeepSo Blog Posts includes a new, widely requested feature: Comment and Like sync. When enabled, the default WordPress comments are hidden, and the comments from the Community are shown under the blog post instead. Likes and Reactions are also available and show in the post view.

This integration requires one activity item to be created for each blog post. The item is created automatically in the background. There is no legacy comment import at the moment. Old WordPress comments will disappear.

Comments sync and reactions

Comments sync and reactions

Profile Integration Improvements

We’ve redesigned Profile Integration to create a cleaner interface and the ability to reposition the featured image. The image on the side looks great in the two-column layout.

We’ve also added an “aggressive shortcode removal” option that forcefully strips shortcodes added by tools such as Divi Builder when no plain text excerpt is provided. Some shortcodes have proven to be immune to regular WordPress strip_shortcodes().

Profile view of blogposts

Profile view of blogposts

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.
Get PeepSo Today!

Add BlogPosts To Your Community!

Add Blog Posts tab to user profiles, featuring blog entries created by your community members. Automatically create a new PeepSo post when a new blogpost is written.

Get BlogPosts Today!
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PeepSo Limit Users Plugin Tue, 11 Apr 2017 03:12:55 +0000

The PeepSo Limit Users plugin gives administrators fine control over members’ abilities based on various criteria. Posting, commenting, messaging, photos and much more can be disabled for users who don’t meet those criteria.

Features Details

The rules can be based on WordPress roles, profile completeness percentage or the lack of a custom avatar. Current configurable user limits are:

  • Hide from user listing
  • Disable new posts
  • Disable new comments
  • Disable friend requests (requires FriendSo)
  • Disable Group creation and joining (requires GroupSo)
  • Disable starting new chats/threads (requires MsgSo)
  • Disable photo uploads (requires PicSo)
  • Disable polls creation (requires Polls)
  • Disable video posts (requires VidSo)
Settings panel

Settings panel

Use The Widget To Nudge Members Into Action

The plugin ships with a helper widget that can be used to inform members about limits currently applied to their accounts. Role-based limits are not public, but the user is informed about the required profile completeness percentage or the need to upload an avatar.



No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.
Get PeepSo Today!

Add This To Your Community!

The plugin lets you, amongst other features: to hide users from Members page, disable photo uploads, friend requests and more… all until they fill enough profile fields and more!

Get Limit Users Today!
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PeepSo 1.7.5 Is Out! Thu, 06 Apr 2017 07:20:22 +0000

PeepSo 1.7.5 is finally out! That’s great for you as you get the latest update and with it all the improvements, bugfixes and of course new features, those are all better tools allowing you to make your community as successful as it can be! Please pay attention to the last two paragraphs containing upgrade information and dealing with caching.


The Polls plugin is a new addition to the PeepSo plugins suite that allows you and your community to create polls. The polls can be placed in the main activity stream, in users’ profiles and even in groups. When creating a poll users can set either a:

  • single select poll – users can pick just one answer.
  • multiple select poll – users can pick more than one answer.

Users can cast their votes once per poll. The design is sleek and simple, and because it’s fully responsive, it looks great on mobile as well as on desktops. Logged out users see the polls on posts, but can’t vote or see the poll results. They are prompted to login to vote and see results.

Add Polls To Your Community!

Let your community create Polls today!
Get Polls Today!

Performance and UX Improvements

PeepSo 1.7.5 also brings a great deal of performance improvements. Look out for these awesome changes:

New Scroll

Say goodbye to pagination everywhere! This is a performance and UX game changer. Because there are no pagination settings in PeepSo, items don’t load in batches of 10 or 20 or anything else. Instead, PeepSo 1.7.5 loads all the items above the fold — the space that you can see on the screen — and a few items just below the fold just so that when you scroll down some items are already loaded. As the user continues to scroll, more items are added seamlessly and quicker than ever before.

So now we only load what’s needed and we ignore the items the user isn’t going to see. We don’t waste your server’s resources.

And as we load items to fill in the view (in batches in some cases), big resolution screens won’t load with a pagination level that’s too low for
the screen.

We’ve applied the new scroll to:

  • The main activity stream
  • The profile stream
  • Photos in profiles
  • Albums in profiles
  • Photos in albums in profiles
  • Videos in profiles
  • Member lists
  • Group lists
  • Members’ lists inside groups

…and pretty much everywhere else we could think of.

Photo Uploads

Uploading photos through Postbox is a complex process. For each uploaded photo we’ve needed to generate multiple thumbnails for use in different places across the community. On slower servers, photo uploads could crawl especially when you tried to upload 20 photos in one batch.

We’ve speeded things up. Now we don’t upload all the photos at the same time. Instead, we queue them to help slower servers cope with the load. We also only generate one thumbnail, which we return to the Postbox for previews. The other thumbnails are generated when the photos are previewed on the stream. The speed and efficiency of handling photo uploads is immeasurably better compared to previous versions.

Members Listing Available To Guests

Some of our clients have pointed out that they’d like to be able to show lists of members to guest visitors. But we also know that other clients would prefer to keep their membership lists private.

To satisfy the both sides we’ve added a new setting for PeepSo that makes member lists public. By default, the option is switched off. To turn it on go to: PeepSo Config > Appearance > Members listing Switch “Allow guest access to members listing” to “Yes.”

Sticky Post Privacy

To make a post visible only to friends, users have needed to adjust the privacy settings of each post. PeepSo 1.7.5 introduces Sticky Post Privacy. Post something with a Friends Only privacy option, and that option will still be the default for the next post. We’ve also made changes to how the privacy options are displayed in the Postbox, making the privacy status clearer than ever.

Bug Fixes And Improvements

EXIF Auto-Rotating Photos

WordPress has had an ongoing issue with auto-rotating photo uploads. On some devices the photos looked great; on others they rotated 90 or 180 degrees. It took a bit of thinking but we’ve managed to get it fixed.

Improved Privacy Change In Existing Posts

Changing the privacy of an existing post used to trigger a modal notification that faded out after a few seconds. We’ve substituted that notification for a loading gif icon. Now changing a privacy setting is more like editing your profile preferences.

Random Filenames For Avatars And Covers

Some very high cached servers have had some caching problems and our solution of adding a random string to avatar and cover filenames hasn’t worked for at least one setup. We’re now randomizing the filename completely so instead “avatar.jpg?2h2s92y4is824hw”, you’ll get something like: “2h2s92y4is824hw-avatar.jpg”. It makes all the difference.

CDN / Caching & PeepSo Upgrades

Make sure your CDN/cache plugin/provider is properly configured to handle resources linked with query strings. Otherwise JavaScript and CSS resources will not be properly reloaded after the upgrade. You can read about it in the documentation of your CDN/cache provider. See the following docs:

Upgrade PeepSo Now

Automatic updates let you move quickly to the latest version—and you can do it all in the backend of your site.

For this release please upgrade PeepSo Core as first one and then all child plugins like MsgSo, GroupSo etc. Here’s documentation that explains how to upgrade even manually. You can see the full changelog here. If you’d like to see what’s coming up next, check out our roadmap here.

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.
Get PeepSo Today!

Add Polls To Your Community!

Let your community create Polls today! Let your community ask questions they need answers to. You can ask for your members’ opinion too!

Get Polls Today!
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VIP – New Plugin from Wed, 29 Mar 2017 11:21:35 +0000

The VIP plugin lets you assign a special icon to users who deserve to stand out. The icon is displayed either before or after the user’s name on every membership list. You’ll be able to mark users as VIPs or as staff members, exactly as we do for moderators on the community.

Where Is The Icon Displayed?

This plugin is integrated with PeepSo Core and is fully integrated into the FriendSoMsgSo and GroupSo plugins. Wherever your community members are listed, the icon will appear alongside their name.

VIP Icon Settings

The VIP plugin has three setting areas:

  • The general plugin settings are available at the backend of your website at PeepSo > Config > VIP tab. You will be able to switch the integration on or off, and decide whether the icon should display before or after the users’ names.
  • Settings on the VIP Icons page let you change the icons’ descriptions as well as upload custom icons of your choice. These settings are available at the backend of your site at PeepSo > VIP Icons.
  • The icons are assigned to user profiles in the backend of your WordPress site. Navigate to Users, find the user you wish to grant a VIP Icon, and edit their profile. In the ‘VIP’ configuration section, check the user as a VIP user and choose the icon from the list

Easy Customization

The plugin comes with eight default icons with editable labels. But you can also add your own icons. You can simply upload new icons of your choice. Because the plugin uses .SVG files by default, the icons will be sharp regardless of the the screen size or resolution. You can also use .png, .jpg (raster) images, those might not look great in all scenarios though.

Is It a Standalone Plugin?

The VIP Plugin is not a stand-alone plugin. For this plugin to work you must have at least PeepSo installed and activated. It’s also integrated with FriendSo, MsgSo and GroupSo plugins.

What About Support?

As this is a 3rd Party plugin, support is provided by the plugin’s developers. If you have any support related questions, please click here, and it’ll take you to their website.

Make Your Members VIPs!

Make Very Important People in your community feel Special! Make them stand out! Make them VIPs!

Get VIP Plugin Today!

Comments? Questions?

Please leave them below.

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PeepSo 1.7.4 Is Out! Thu, 09 Mar 2017 06:18:28 +0000

First and foremost… Yaay! We are finally able to release PeepSo 1.7.4. Yes, it took a bit longer than we anticipated, but there were things we just couldn’t ignore. In the middle of the development process we started getting reports suggesting that the performance could be improved. We finished up the Group Categories, and got right onto it.

Performance Improvements

We built PeepSo to be as light and fast as possible. As we added more plugins though, it started to slow down. Customers told us they were feeling it so we set ourselves a goal to “Make Peepso Fast Again!” Our developers have spent countless hours improving the performance in this release, and we’ve planned further improvements in the next release. It’s great now… and it’s just going to get even better. One of those improvements was to adjust the PeepSo Notifications Ajax to 30 second calls instead of 10 second calls to reduce the load on servers. More on the topic of performance below.

Cutting Queries By 75 Percent!

Each new PeepSoUser() class call generated massive amounts of database queries. A singleton approach has let us slash the number of queries performed. On some pages we’ve seen a drop from 400 to 100 queries on vanilla WP + PeepSo Core suite. Everything now loads much faster with less load on your database.

The Merge – MsgSo And ChatSo

Merging MsgSo and ChatSo plugins has also added to the performance improvements. Now all you need is the MsgSo plugin. To avoid any issues, MsgSo 1.7.4 will not allow you to enable ChatSo 1.7.3. It’s fine though… Chat is still there 🙂 Feel free to delete ChatSo 1.7.3.

Chat Smart Timing

Our improvements targeted logic that decays (or decreases if you will) the frequency of the chat ajax calls if there has been no recent activity. If chat isn’t used, it should send fewer calls to the server. So we instituted Smart Timing. After reaching the max delay time, requests are now sent every 20 seconds instead of every 5 seconds. This is how it works:

If a user receives a message immediately after logging in, the lag is 1 second. If a user receives a message after a minute of browsing, the initial lag is 20 seconds. The request then runs faster but decays as activity falls. The counter resets with activity on chat so it will always feel “real time.”

Smart Timing reduces the load significantly on the server. Hard coding the function in the code means that it doesn’t have to be ‘asked’ about one more setting. We can just run a simple call to check if there are new messages, ensuring maximum performance.

Three variables are used for the logic:

  • Delay Min – How often (most frequent) the ajax calls can run.
  • Delay Max – How rarely (least frequent) the ajax calls can run.
  • Delay Multiplayer – How fast does the decay occurs.
  • Handicap – an average request load time. Calls are sent after previous calls have been completed.
Chat Smart Timing Spreadsheet

Chat Smart Timing Spreadsheet

You can tweak the settings if you want to, but that’s done directly in the code so you’ll have to re-apply the tweak with every upgrade:

Open peepso-core-messages/peepsomessages.php

Around line 113, you’ll find:

  • $delay_min = 1000;
  • $delay_max = 20000;
  • $delay_multiplier = 1.5;

These values are given in milliseconds: 1s = 1000ms.

All such tweaks are to be performed ONLY by advanced users who have coding experience.

Code behind smart timing decay.

Code behind smart timing decay.

Group Categories

Group Categories View

Group Categories View

Having a lot of groups can get a bit messy, so we’ve created Group Categories. You can create as many categories as you want, name them as you want, and order them as you want.

Group Categories

Group Categories

The options are simple. Categories are ON/OFF. Groups can be assigned to single categories or multiple categories. You can also hide empty categories on the frontend so that they don’t clutter the view if there’s nothing relevant to show.

Group Settings

Group Settings

To organize existing groups, just head to the group’s About page and edit the category. It’s simple. With categories enabled, the frontend will show the categories view. However, you can always go back to the groups listing to search and filter by categories.

The groups listing has also been given category information. Click ‘more’ on a groups listing and it shows in which category or categories the group is in.

Notifications in WPAdminBar

We’ve had a notification solution custom-built that puts the notifications right in the WordPress admin bar. You’ll see the notifications while you’re in the backend / admin of WordPress but to make sure that you don’t get taken away from an edit when you click a notification, all notifications in the backend will open in a new browser tab.

WPAdminBar Notifications

WPAdminBar Notifications

Other Improvements

Profile Completion

We’ve added Force Profile Completion information to the user profiles. Some users were confused that they couldn’t leave an incomplete profile when force profile completion was enabled. The message is now clear, and should help to avoid any confusion.

Translation Files

We have changed the .POT file names in PeepSo, TagSo, MoodSo and LocSo so please be informed that if you’re using translations you’ll need to rename the translation files to the following:

  • PeepSo – peepso-core.po
  • PeepSo –
  • MoodSo – peepso-moods.po
  • MoodSo –
  • TagSo – peepso-tags.po
  • TagSo –
  • LocSo – peepso-location.po
  • LocSo –

Our much valued and appreciated translators have been informed about the change.

New Default Values

We’ve made changes to default values on the activity stream. This applies only to new installations and won’t affect upgrades.

  • Backend > PeepSo > Config > Activity > General: Number of Posts changed default from: 20 to 6
  • Backend > PeepSo > Config > Activity > Comments: Number of Comments to display changed default from: 5 to 2
  • Backend > PeepSo > Config > Activity > Comments: Show X more comments changed default from: 20 to 5

That will also improve performance so we recommend that you set these changes on your existing community as well.

Bug Fixes

This release killed lots of bugs that we either found ourselves or were brought to our attention by users. Bugs like ajax calls still executed for not logged in users or in every WordPress page even if there was no part of PeepSo, neither the plugin nor widgets, installed. Localization has also been improved in a few plugins and some strings that couldn’t be translated are now added to the .pot files so that you can translate those phrases as well. See the full changelog for all the other bugfixes and improvements.

A Big Thank You!

I’d like to personally thank all of our users who have helped us make PeepSo better. I’ve reached out on our community to a few people who were beta testing the Chat Smart Timing. Your input was and still is highly appreciated. Also, if you’ve reported problems and bugs, please by all means, keep in touch. Your feedback is really important to us and we’d love to keep killing those bugs, improving PeepSo and generally give you the ultimate community experience! Don’t be a stranger! 🙂

Upgrade PeepSo Now

Automatic updates let you move quickly to the latest version—and you can do it all in the backend of your site.

Remember to update plugins in this sequence: all PeepSo child plugins like MsgSo, GroupSo etc. Core PeepSo plugin should be updated last. Here’s documentation that explains how to upgrade. You can see the full changelog here. If you’d like to see what’s coming up next, check out our roadmap here.

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.
Get PeepSo Today!

Comments? Questions?

Please leave them below.

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PeepSo Support Happiness Report – Feb 2017 Sun, 05 Mar 2017 23:50:34 +0000 At PeepSo, we aim to provide our customers with the best customer experience possible. This includes a fantastic product as well as support, if you need it.

We use HelpScout as our support system and it has a great feature called “happiness reports.” This feature allows us to see how you rate our support. When I looked at the happiness reports of February 2017, I was delighted to see that we have reached the holy grail status of 100% satisfaction.

The bar is set high. We plan to keep it that way!

A big thank you to Eric, Matt, Matt, Peter and Bagus!

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The Real Reason Google Plus Failed Thu, 02 Mar 2017 15:36:14 +0000 Google Plus should have bGoogle Pluseen an Internet giant, a social network to put fear into the heart of Mark Zuckerberg. Instead it became the giant butt of Internet jokes, a place you go to on the Internet when you want to be by yourself. Its failure has lessons for anyone building a private social network.

A quick glance at the figures suggests things should be great. According to one estimate Google Plus has 2.2 billion profiles. Look a little closer though, and the problem becomes clearer. Those profiles aren’t active. In 2015, only 9 percent of those profiles had posted any public content. For more than a third of those, that content was a comment on YouTube. (Google has since stopped requiring membership of Google Plus to post a comment on its video sharing platform.) The bottom line is that of those 2.2 billion profiles, only 0.3 percent, or 6.6 million users, had made a public post on Google Plus in 2015.

Considering the size of Google, the effort put into the production of its social network, and the degree to which it saw Google Plus as essential to competing with Facebook, those are pretty appalling figures. The platform is now focused on “Streams, Photos, and Sharing” — less Facebook, more Pinterest.

Google Plus’s failure is all the more surprising because it was well-designed. Although it clung closely to Facebook, the Circles feature that allowed users to organize their contacts was a powerful idea. Instead of Facebook’s fiddly privacy settings and friend’s lists, building Circles should have felt natural and easy.

But people didn’t do it. They didn’t want to try to categorize their friends. They just wanted to post a thought and let anyone who might enjoy it do so. Circles weren’t enough to pull members out of a place that already contained their friends to a new site that no one was using. As one Google Insider put it to Mashable: “What people failed to understand was Facebook had network effects. It’s like you have this grungy night club and people are having a good time and you build something next door that’s shiny and new, and technically better in some ways, but who wants to leave? People didn’t need another version of Facebook.”

That’s why building a private social network is so important. Facebook has a huge advantage. People might not want to leave for a shiny new club next door but jazz lovers will also go to the club that has their kind of music and pictures of their favorite saxophonists on the wall. Bikers will also go to the biker bar where the conversation is about Harleys and road trips, and their leathers don’t look out of place.

Google failed because it tried to beat Facebook. Your private social network will succeed because it complements Facebook. You members will still be over there chatting and sharing with all their friends but when they want to talk about their favorite niche topic, they’ll come to your community. Your private social network won’t be as large as Google Plus. But build it with Peepso, and it can be a lot more successful.


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