Just install PeepSo and all of the plugins you want to use. Add the Migrator plugin, choose a couple of quick options and click the button. That’s it! The migrator will get to work moving over your data.

If you’ve wanted to give PeepSo a try but were afraid you’d lose your UltimateMember content, you’ve nothing to fear. We’ve got you covered.


The following plugins must be installed for the migrator to work:

  • UltimateMember
  • PeepSo
  • The migrator, duh!

Plus all of the other plugins of your choice. But the above are the absolute necessity for the migrator to work.

What Data Is Moved

Ultimate Member and PeepSo don’t share the same set of features. So these which are not common will not be moved. The migrator can definitely move:

  • User Profiles
  • User Profile Fields
  • User Avatars and Cover images
  • User Friends and Followers - Requires Friends plugin.
  • User Messages - Requires Chat plugin.
  • User Photos and Photo Albums - Requires Photos plugin.
  • Relevant notifications that crossover to PeepSo
  • Posts
  • Comments

Once you have all plugins in place, go to PeepSoUM menu item in the backend, assign profile fields to make sure everything matches and click the ‘Start Migration’ button. Sit back and enjoy.

That’s all it takes. Your UltimateMember community will be moved to PeepSo. After the migration is done, UltimateMember and Migrator plugins will be deactivated. All necessary shortcodes will be set in WordPress pages and your community will be ready for use with PeepSo. Pretty much out of the box.

Migration Time

It really depends on the amount of data you already have and server resources. On an average-sized community it shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes even on a shared hosting. The data is moved in batches, you can see the progress of it too.

Staging and Backups

It's advised to not only have backups (it's pretty obvious, but some people still need to be reminded) but to perform the migration first on a staging site before just pressing the button on your production site. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact our support and we'll help you out.

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle

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* Screenshots show PeepSo and some of its plugins like: Photos, Videos, Hashtags etc. with PeepSo Theme: Gecko. Screenshots are for presentation purposes and the outcome may vary with other themes, plugins installed and configuration selected.

** Third Party Base Plugins are not a part of any purchase like: PeepSo Ultimate Bundle. PeepSo Integration and Monetization plugins usually require Third Party Base Plugins (Advanced Ads, BadgeOS, LearnDash, myCred, Paid Memberships Pro, WooCommerce, WPAdverts, Easy Digital Downloads). Third Party Base Plugins are either free or need to be purchased at a Third Party website. PeepSo support only covered the integration between PeepSo Inegrations and Monetization plugins and Third Party Base Plugins. We do not test nor officially support any Third Party plugins to said Third Party Base Plugins. The support of Third Party Base Plugins is always provided by their respective developers.

*** Every purchase even of free PeepSo Foundation Plugin automatically creates an account on PeepSo.com from which you can be served the purchased products. All purchases and accounts are subject to the Refund Policy, License Agreement, Support Policy and Privacy Policy.

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