Version: 1.9.1


Mention (tag) other users in posts and comments. Tagging is now a vital part of community interaction, a quick and easy way to engage others or grab someone’s attention. It makes a community more interactive and more engaging. This free and light plugin members to tag their conversation partners and friends (Friends plugin is required).

When you write a post, in comments you can tag any person who’s taking part in the conversation. With the addition of Friends plugin you can tag anyone who’s your friend in posts as well.

What to expect when installing and activating Tags?

  • An @ sign before a name or username in a comment will tag anyone participating in a conversation under a post.
  • An @ sign before a name or username in a new post will tag a friend.
  • When the tag is shown in comment or post the last name can be removed from the tag to make the tagging look friendlier.