CM Map Locations Integration"/>
Version: 1.0.9

CM Map Locations Integration

Share Google maps location within community.

This integration requires the following plugin to work: CM Map Locations Manager Pro.

The technical support for this Integration is provided by the CreativeMinds.


Locations Manager is considered the best locations and point of interest manager plugin for WordPress and once integrated with PeepSo adds the ability to share Google maps with location information within the community.Each PeepSo community member can post new locations which includes images, videos, textual description of the location and of course a Google map showing the exact location on the map. Once a user posts a location a new Activity Post describing the location appears on his wall. Admin can also moderate the locations before they appear.

The Integration includes features like:

  • Locations Dashboard – Add a tab to each user PeepSo profile page which let him control his locations and add new ones. This tab is visible only to the user.
  • Published Locations – Add a tab to each user PeepSo profile page which includes all the locations he has published. This can also include a map showing all the posted locations. This tab is visible to everyone.
  • Feed Update – Once user post a new location in posts his feed is automatically updated with information about the new location.
  • User widget – PeepSo user widget includes links to user routes tab.