Version: 1.9.1


Share your location in a status and in profile. Whether you’re traveling for fun or working on the road, checking in to a location is a great way to show others in your community where you are and what you’re doing. This free and light plugin allows members to select a location around them. A link to the location is then added to the stream, and opens a map in a small window.

Users can also set their location within their profiles. With this plugin installed there’s a new location field available.

Location plugin integrates with Google Maps and that lets you and your community members checking to any location all over the globe.

What to expect when installing and activating Location:

  • A new location icon is added to the post box on the Stream and Profiles.
  • A new location icon is added to the post box in Messages.
  • A new location field in users’ profiles.
  • A section in the configuration to add a google API key.