Version: 1.9.5


#Hashtags support for posts. With the hashtags support you and Your Community can tag posts according to the topics they relate to the most. It’s no longer one of many posts on the community. Hashtags and how to use them could be considered common knowledge. The concept of hashtags is widely used across the web at nearly every single social platform.

Twitter and Instagram are prime examples of services which engagement largely depends on usage of hashtags. Users there find the content they’re interested in by browsing posts with a particular hashtag. Now so can Your Community. Your Members with the help of hashtags can focus on the posts they’re really interested in.


Comes with the ability to use hashtags on any PeepSo Posts. Whether they’re made by users on activity stream or in groups┬áregardless of posts privacy settings. They will be counted and added up, but posts will keep their privacy. Using hashtags in no way compromises that. Hashtags will be calculated and added up. Each tag is counted one time per post. If you add the same tag ten times in one post it’ll still count its usage only once.

The plugin also come with a built-in hashtag search. Apart from the regular search in PeepSo you can combine the search with searching for hashtags to narrow posts even further. You can search either by clicking a hashtag or by using the search field. Search also indicates to members what are the minimum and maximum character counts for hashtags. Search results will only show posts users are allowed to see, posts privacy is respected fully.

The Hashtags plugin comes with a number of configuration options:

  • Update post count in tags every
    Deleted and edited posts are checked periodically to update post counts for each hashtag. Smaller delay means more database load.
  • Process
    How many posts and hashtags to process in a single page load. Bigger batches mean faster updates, but generate higher load.
  • Delete empty hashtags
    When enabled, hashtags with zero posts will be deleted and not shown in the widget or suggestions. Hashtags with zero posts can occur, when posts are deleted or edited.

As well as settings for the Hashtags themselves in advanced section:

  • Minimum hashtag length
    Shorter hashtags will be ignored
  • Maximum hashtag length
    Longer hashtags will be ignored
  • Hashtags must start with a letter
    Enabled: hashtags beginning with a number will be ignored
  • Reset and rebuild the hashtags cache
    Enable and click “save” to force a hashtag cache rebuild. It will also happen automatically after changing any of settings above.


The plugin comes with the Hashtags widget that can be placed anywhere on your WordPress site. It shows a tag cloud of the most used hashtags in posts throughout the entire community. The widget’s styling follows PeepSo’s styling settings. Depending on┬áthe color theme you pick in the backend > PeepSo > Configuration > Appearance the tag cloud can be light, dark, green, red or blue. Styling can always be changed with CSS overrides if you need further customization.

Additionally, the widget has 2 settings:

  • Title
    Decide what’s the title for the widget. By default it’s called ‘Community Hashtags’
  • Limit
    How many hashtags should be shown in the tag cloud.
  • Presentation
    Cloud, List, Mixed with sorting and ordering options.