CM Download Integration"/>
Version: 1.0.7

CM Download Integration

Add downloads to your community.

This integration requires the following plugin to work: CM Download Manager Pro.

The technical support for this Integration is provided by the CreativeMinds.


CM Download Manager is considered the best download manager plugin for WordPress and once integrated with PeepSo adds the ability to share files within the community which has access restriction based on the user profile and group settings.

Each PeepSo user can upload files which will be shown in his profile. For each file the user can set access restriction and allow specific members or groups to access the file and download it. Once a user upload a file is also added to the feed and appears in his wall. The AddOn includes an option in the setting to control this feature.

PeepSo – CM Download Manager features:

  • Restrict Access by group – Restrict access to any file by specifying PeepSo group name/s
  • Restrict Access by user – Restrict access to any file by specifying PeepSo user name/s
  • User Download Area – Create for each user his own download area
  • Feed Updates – Once user share a file it will be posted on his activity feed
  • Control files visibility – User can control each file visibility and settings after upload using his files dashboard

Integration with the MicroPayment Plugin

The Download Manager and PeepSo can also be integrated with the MicroPayment plugin in such a way that a user will gain virtual currency or points for uploading file or downloading them. The setting for the amount of points granted or charged for uploads or downloads is available in the plugin settings after installing all modules. To achieve the above within the PeepSo social network you would need to have both the MicroPayment plugin and the PeepSo addon for MicroPayment.