ChatSo works like an add-on to the Messages plugin to bring a real chat feature to your website. While messages can be used only when browsing the community, ChatSo works across your entire site.

When one member sends another a message, a new chat window opens ready for a reply. The user can also navigate from the chat to view full messages.

ChatSo requires MsgSo to be installed and active on the site.

What to expect when installing and activating ChatSo:

  • The message icon on the profile cover and on the list of members is replaced with a chat icon. When clicked, the icon opens a chat box instead of a message box.
  • When one member communicates with another member, a chat box is displayed at the bottom right of the screen.
  • The chat box is displayed on every page of the site, allowing members to continue chatting even while reading a blog post or viewing photos.