PeepSo Documentation

Avatar & Cover Settings

Find this settings by going to WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Appearance


Use WordPress avatars
Enabled: PeepSo will rely on WordPress avatars. Option to change avatar in PeepSo will not be available.

Use PeepSo avatars everywhere
Becomes unavailable if Use WordPress avatars option is enabled. PeepSo will try to replace user avatar wherever possible (might not work with every third-party plugin)

Allow Gravatar avatars
Enabled: If user have gravatar set up and uses the correct email for registration, the gravatar avatar will be set


Default Avatar

Generate name based avatars
Since,, If no avatar is provided, PeepSo will generate an avatar based on user initials or username. The colors will be randomized, unless you decide to use grayscale

background color of the avatar. Black, Very Dark, Dark, Medium, Light (default), Very Light, and White

Grayscale background
use grayscale as the background avatar

Font color
Avatar font color. Black, Very Dark (default), Dark, Medium, Light, Very Light, and White


Always use full covers
Enabled: Forces using full user cover on the places where “mini cover” would normally appear