Develop for PeepSo!

You have a rare opportunity!

With a WordPress market of 160 million users and an untapped social networking market, you have a chance to get in early and reap the rewards by developing free and commercial plugins for PeepSo.

Once your plugin is ready, submit it to us for review. If it looks good and is coded well, we will be happy to list it on our plugin directory.

Plugin example  &  Documentation

Flexible, Friendly API

PeepSo is loaded with hooks and filters, allowing developers to extends it’s capabilities and modify it’s behavior.

We also use a templating system that allows theme developers to customize the content and appearance of all pages.

PeepSo Plugins Now In Development

We’ve already started working on the following PeepSo plugins:




It’s already here!

Customizable Profiles

It’s already here!

Plugins PeepSo Needs

We’d like to see you be creative and come up with your own ideas for features for PeepSo,
but here are some ideas we came up with to help you get started:

  • Import from other social networking applications:
    • JomSocial
    • EasySocial
    • Community Builder (Joomla)
  • Inetgrations with popular WordPress plugins such as:
    • WooCommerce
    • Easy Digital Downloads


  • My profile poll
  • My BBPress posts
  • My tweets
  • My location
  • My latest blog posts
  • My friends’ locations
  • My Pinterests
  • My Instagram
  • My RSS feed
  • My Vine channel
  • My YouTube channel
  • My SoundCloud
  • My points
  • Skype me
  • AdSense
  • People you may know
  • Top members
  • Stream plugins:
    • Stream poll
    • Customized moods
    • Upload videos
    • User activities
  • Full fledged plugins:
    • Advanced search
    • Custom admin message
    • Badges
    • User points
    • Social friend Invite
    • Social ads
    • Video chat
    • SEO
    • Members map
  • Mobile:
    • Mobile app

So What’s Your Big Idea?

Once you start working on a plugin, let us know. We’ll keep in touch and support you as needed. Contact us