About PeepSo

Whether you want to bring customers together to discuss your product, give your fans a place to rave about your latest album or build a platform for fellow RC enthusiasts to compare tricks and controllers, PeepSo gives you your community, in WordPress, and in an elegant, seamless and beautiful setting.

Your People. Your Community. Your Way.

You know your people. You know where to find them… scattered on Facebook pages, Twitter streams and old-school forums. And you’ve probably thought to yourself, “I wish all these great people were in one place, talking together about the topics we love.”

Now you can give them that place, right inside your existing WordPress site. Add PeepSo, tell your community and watch a real conversation break out.

Show Your People What They Really Want To See!

Generic social networks show your people all the content all the time. But sometimes they don’t want to see another picture of a kitten or a sunset or a baby, no matter how pretty or cute they are. They want to see content that’s relevant to them. If they’re into golf, they want to see a tour of Gleneagles. If they’re into vegan cooking, they want to see the latest vegan omelet recipe. PeepSo Demo

Good For Them. Awesome For You.

Bring your people come together in one place and not only will you give you community what it wants, you’ll also start seeing real engagement with you, your business and your organization. You’ll get authentic conversations and feedback. Your people feel heard —and they’ll trust you. You get more leads, stronger brand loyalty and higher conversions.

Power Under The Hood

PeepSo was coded to the highest standard. We took our time to do it right. We didn’t cut corners or take the easy route. This is a project with a long-term vision so we built a strong foundation to ensure scalability, performance and stability. PeepSo works smoothly. Always. PeepSo Features

The Right Team. The Right Experience.

The PeepSo team has long experience in open source social networking application development. We’ve been there, done that and now we’re doing it even better. We know what it takes to create an outstanding product, give awesome support, listen to our customers and turn ideas into features. We do it with style. PeepSo Team